How to be happy in life

Say – I am happy!

Happiness is the thing all of us strive for throughout the life. But in truest sense we can not find or recognize the perfect happiness that we look for. It is a feeling that cannot be stated. Happiness comes with the right attitude to receive it. Sometimes people are unable to see happiness although it surrounds them all the time. There are some little things in life that are often overlooked by us but which are the real source of the kind of happiness one wants to get. So here are such small yet significant things in life which should be taken care of in order to find happiness.

Be optimistic in life. Hope brings a fresh air of life. It makes everything look bright and possible. If you are optimistic you will be able to see how beautiful the life is and how many wonderful surprises it has stored to gift us, you will be able to celebrate each and every moment of life. If you know that you will die at the age of 65 and now you are already 25 that means you have only 40 winters, 40 summers and 40 monsoons to enjoy, 40 Christmas and 40 New Years to wish and greet people then won’t you like to make the most of your remaining days? Optimistic people never blame destiny and claim themselves as its victims, rather they fight with the challenges that life offers them instead of denoting them as problems.

Stay close to your friends and family. Make a small group of like-minded people who share your views and interests. Try to spend time with those people whose company you enjoy the most and have a lots of fun. At some crucial points of time in life you will need the support of these friends and family and never ever hesitate to open up when you are stressed out and need some boosting from them. At the same time there are certain people who are discouraging and negative minded. Just cut them out of your life or avoid them for your own sake.

Listen to your heart. Whatever it says or instructs you just follow it. Follow your guts to bring happiness. Happiness is a sense that is originated in heart and so when you want to make a decision but confused which one to choose and which one to reject just stay connected to your heart and try to follow whatever it chooses for you. Having faith on your heart will anyway do the best for you.

Lead a healthy life. There is an old saying “Health is wealth.” If you can’t maintain your health it will ruin everything you have done so far for the sake of a shinning life. Poor health will lead to an over-stressed mind that will not be able to free itself from anxiety and restlessness. So better health is the key to a better life.

Laugh a lot. Laughter gives you reason to live up to the best you can. It lightens the inner burden of your heart and mind and makes you healthier. It refreshes and revitalizes you and retains your youthful energy.

Have a steady goal in life that can be your focus and provides you the desired meaningfulness in your life. Try to get attached to something that is helpful in letting you live like you always wanted. If you are focused you can make your way to the happiness anyone searches.

Make smart money. Often people think that money brings happiness and try to make more and more money. But rather it increases demands and needs and never fulfills their desire to become happy. So crossing the poverty level makes a satisfactory use of your money that brings small happiness and adds to the biggest moment of your life. Save and spend in a realistic way so that you can never miss out a precious cause of true happiness.

Cultivate knowledge whenever you can. It will give you self confidence and a better awareness of your surroundings that will enable you to understand and communicate with people far better.Make a habit of reading newspaper and books that enhance your knowledge. You can also keep weekly or monthly magazines or journals on the subjects of your interest.

Listen to good music that soothes your heart and stirs up your mind. It always strengthens you and expresses the unfathomable emotion that cannot be conveyed through words. It awakens your hidden soul to a new aspiration. A good music is a healthy relief to the ears and a lasting treasure for the whole life.

Find time for staying amidst nature. This is something that puts a break to your monotonous life. The vast mysterious night sky spreading its arms with lots of blinking stars or green trees with cool shadows or blue waves rising and falling every now and then are the peaceful shelters where one can take refuge for the base of happiness.

Do something that you never did. It is completely a new feeling that gives you a special excitement and experience for trying out which may be called either crazy or thoughtful. Ultimately you will feel good and re-energized.

Find out authentic and genuine happiness. We want proper job or relationship or money but often forget that our major goal behind all these apparent and minor ones is finding happiness. So make sure you do not neglect the true sense of happiness and just live in the present to lead a happy life.