How to be Happy with Whom You Are

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It is unrealistic for anyone to be truly happy all of the time. The fact is everyone has a different definition for happiness. This simply means that your happiness is mostly temporary and sooner or later you tend to return to your baseline level. In order to increase happiness you need to increase your baseline happiness. This can be achieved by changing the way you think and improving your attitude of life.

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First of all, your opinion about yourself needs to be changed. You need to be able to accept yourself for who you are. You are different from others and you need to accept that it is ok to be different from others. At times you might feel that you have qualities that make you inferior to others. This normally leads to you being dissatisfied with yourself. The fact is that the qualities that you feel make you inferior to others might be exactly what makes you unique from others. Instead of thinking about your inferior qualities, think about your strengths. Everyone has strengths. Identify your strengths and you will find yourself being happier and more confident.

In order to be happy with whom you are, you need to accept that there is and there will always be someone out there who is better, richer or prettier than you. This is just a fact of life. There is nothing that you can do to change that. Instead of focusing on how you compare to others, try focusing on how others compare to you. Do not focus on what you do not have that others do have but focus on what you have that others do not have. You should realize that there is and will always be someone poorer or uglier than you.

Tune-up your creative side

Anybody these days could do with some creativity in their lives. It does not matter if you are a scholar, writer, parent, plumber, physician; researcher, retired, volunteer or anybody in between, you can use some creativity which can influence your life with abilities for solving problems as well as have a meaning to it. Creativity will be most important to you if you are in to arts and culture and can aid you a lot.

Creativity is an energy that cannot be seen but has the ability to make something out of nothing. It gives you the power to see beauty, get answers, and to do miracles. It does not matter if it is painting, making a sculpture, writing a story, or inventing something, creativity will be the root of producing new and unique outcomes. But have you ever thought of the outcome if creativity happens to prove inaccessible? The ability of living a joyful and fuller life may become a big challenge if your flow of creativity seems to run out. Life itself will be full of unwanted complications. Therefore this may be the best time to tune in to your creative side and access your flow of creativity.

Intuition is also something that goes hand in hand with creativity. It is a reliable and accurate mixture of inner as well as outer insight, guidance, and wisdom. It is simply, listening to the voice inside us. Some people believe that we are able to interconnect with our inner source that produces creativity, identified by several names such as infinite intelligence, divine intelligence, the field, Tao, the collective unconscious, etc. This voice in our heads can be separately identified from our ego or inner critic because what it provides is direction and benevolence. It is mostly associated by us to what we refer to as the 6th sense or in other words, gut feeling.

Everybody among us have intuition resulting to creativity inside us although some of us may have it better fine-tuned compared to others. They can be identified as clairvoyant, psychic, or in simple terms, gifted, but it is an ability which anybody interested and are dedicated to it can tune their mindsets to. It must be remembered that creativity is a very powerful tool that can be used for many applications and processes.

The need to access your creativity comes when logic, rational and analytical thing will not be enough to reach out and achieve your goals. Intuition will be necessary only when our flow of creativity gets blocked for some reason. All it will take is simply the plan and desire to kick your thoughts into actions and heighten the use of it.

You may have already tuned into your creative side. But for people who are still searching for ways to do so, you should know that this journey should be started with good intentions for making choices for the greatest good of everyone. It will also help a lot if it is being cultivated in the minds of people and encouraged as well. For those who have interest in getting the best out of their creativity skills, it is recommended to first select what they require exactly and then start from that point. Creativity by nature adds love and beauty to not only our world but to the entire universe. Therefore you will be able to see what magnificently lovely and smooth process creativity can be once you have been tuned to it.

Respect Yourself

A very important factor for happiness is that learn to “respect yourself”. Self-respect is the key to happiness because if you are not able to respect yourself others will not respect you.

Finding the right job can also cause you to be happy with yourself. Choosing a job is within your capabilities will make you happier because you will excel at it. This will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. True happiness can be found in satisfaction with your job. However, if you try to excel at a job that is beyond your capabilities, you are most likely to fail and will end up leading to disappointment and unhappiness.

Finally, in order to be truly happy with whom you are, you should not concentrate solely on yourself. Showing interest in others will make you feel better about yourself. Spending time with family and friends will have a greater impact on our happiness. Being able to forgive others helps you to walk around with a healed heart. The ability to being able to forgive others for hurting us influences us both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It results in us being able to feel good about ourselves.

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How to be Happy with Whom You Are, Seekyt
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