How to be smart

We live in a world where many people compete to be the best. To be among the best you need to be really competitive. Being competitive is challenging yourself to train yourself so that you can become better at something than other people so that you can be at the top. Why do people want to be at the top? Because being at the top will make you feel the greatest and most accomplished. When you play a sport, for example soccer, if you win the finals you feel the most accomplished out of all the teams because you achieved your goal of winning the finals. There are many ways to be smart, but what you want to do is establish habits that smart people have. So how do you be smart?
Smart people simplify things as much as possible. That’s why complicated things become easy for them. How do you simplify things? From understanding and applying what you’ve learned. When you understand something and apply it, each time you practice things will become more and more simple and what might have been difficult before will be easy. When you organize your things you’re actually simplifying your life because you’re making things easier to do. When you organize your time you literally become smarter than if you didn’t organize your time because for example if I had 2 people, one of them who manages his time effectively while the other just does whatever he wanted, the one who managed his time would produce better results because he used his time effectively to accomplish all his tasks while the second guy didn’t manage his time and did whatever he wanted.
To be smart is also to make smart choices. Smart choices would be to quit smoking and drinking and start taking care of health and exercise. A smart choice would be to approach a woman instead of freezing with paranoia. When you make the smartest decisions you could possibly think of you will literally become a smarter person. Don’t do drugs, and don’t smoke weed 10 minutes. If you do this every day you will become more and more stupid. Every time you get high, when you come back down you should take a quick power nap to recover and fully sober up.