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How to be successful at citizenship test?

After coming across the stringent residency requisites and filing a detailed application, biggest hurdle to be a U.S. national is citizenship test. An officer of the U.S Immigration and Citizenship Services will conduct the test and interview session. You must be fluent in English and have knowledge of U.S. government, history and geography. Only through learning the answers to possibly a 100 questions and honing your English, there’re chances of clearing the test with flying colors. Read on to know more!

Learn about American history

The USCIS interviewer will probably ask you around 10 questions on how United States government operates; the flag, the constitution, key historical events and national holidays. You can also have the details from USCIS official citizenship website. To pass this verbal exam, you must at-least give six correct answers out of 10 and since you don’t know which questions interviewer would choose, study all of them for safe side.

Some more sophisticated questions are about dates on presidential appointments and names of elected officials. It means keeping up with current events is important to avoid wrong answers. If you don’t remember a question, simply pass rather than giving a false answer. Local colleges and a few churches sponsor free citizenship classes, many applicants take advantage of these sessions or simply study from books at the public library. Additional learning tools like civic flash cards, lessons, A/V recordings are accessible via USCIS website as well so do learn all about it!

Know about your application

Although citizen test don’t have any special section for verbal English, you must’ve good grasp over the language. The way you answer questions on your application and documents must be acceptable by interviewer. It’s important to remember what you’ve written as it’s likely for interviewer to ask relevant questions from application. If you’re week in English, join a language centre, enroll in online programs or be friends with someone having good command over English. Have someone read out aloud all the questions from the Form N-400; Application for Naturalizationand then talk about the answers.

Practice reading & writing

To get good scores in English competency section with your citizenship test, you’ll be asked to read and explain a particular sentence or short paragraph. Interviewer would also dictate a sentence for you to write without any abbreviations whereas each section contains three sentences and you must complete at-least one. The best way to learn words and practice vocabulary is via special flashcards created by USCIS that you can download as well from their official website.

Accommodations would give you lots of benefits

If you’ve carefully reviewed the 100 questions and answers, clearing civics component will be a lot easier. Though you should study in your native language first, USCIS has translated the versions in Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Korean and of-course English. If you’re 65 years old while being a permanent U.S. resident for more than 20 years, number of questions in your civics test would be reduced and passing limit will be 10 out of 20. This 65/20 exemption eliminates English language tests whereas another exemption from English test exits for those who’re at-least 55 possessing Green Card for around 15 years.


Once you carefully understand the rules and requisites for citizenship invest program, taking the test won’t be difficult. Otherwise you can buy citizenship with Savoryandpartners.

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