How to Beat Sugar Addiction and Eat Less Sugar

Being addicted to sugar is not something a person really likes to admit. While it’s not a terrible thing, it’s still a little embarrassing. After all, it’s not as if it’s like being addicted to alcohol or mind bending drugs, is it? And it’s not as if I used to sit there with a big sack of granulated sugar spooning it into my mouth every few seconds!

But being addicted to sugar is still a health risk in the long term, so something had to be done to beat it.

Identifying the Sugar Being Eaten

In my case, the way I got my sugar ‘fix’ was eating chocolate, cakes and cookies and not necessarily in that order and not necessarily all at once! The first step was actually identifying what it was that I was eating so much of and writing it all down, then taking it from there. It’s actually very empowering to see in front of you in black and white your own demon that you have not only identified, named and shamed, but admitted to in writing!

Identifying When Sugar Was being Eaten

Then for the next stage, which was identifying and writing down every time that a sugar laden item was being eaten. I was a little fortunate that I no longer drank any soda or sugary drinks (a topic for a separate article), so it was really only stuff I was eating that had to be dealt with. Plus I hated sugar (or cream/milk) in my coffee… oh yes, I know how that sounds!

Knowing when I was most likely to eat something I shouldn’t, in advance, meant I could plan ways around it.

Figuring Out a ‘No Sugar’ Strategy

The way forward was then to work out how to avoid sugar by not eating sugar-laden products without sending myself into withdrawal. I have to say that was the hard part but while it was tough, it was NOT impossible. It started on my next visit to the supermarket.

I was guilty of adding lots of unnecessary items to my shopping basket as I walked up and down the aisles of my local food store. Bars of chocolate were favorites, as were packs of cookies (chocolate chip of course!), biscuits, cup cakes, sweet desserts etc. You get the idea!

Legally Robbing the Supermarket

I had to take my list of bad foods and staple it to the bottom of my shopping list every week. At first, as I walked around the aisles, there were times I unconsciously added some of those items and it wouldn’t be until I’d walked away that the realization hit me and I had to force myself to go and return them to their rightful places on the shelves. You think that’s tough? It was tough, but I did it!

When I got to the checkout I felt quite proud of myself for taking that first huge step toward freedom from the demon sugar. My shopping bill was considerably lower too, which felt like I had robbed the supermarket by not piling all that extra cash onto my bill. That felt great!

At home, with no sugary snacks to eat, I actually didn’t miss them as much as I thought I would. Every time I got a craving for a piece of chocolate or a cookie, I’d make myself a cup of herbal tea if I was working on the computer, or I’d go outdoors and take a walk round the block to take my mind off it.

It worked! I was officially not eating all that sugar. Sure, there was still some in some foods but the level was cut dramatically. My weight fell like a stone too. Inside the first month, I lost a staggering 16 pounds.

Was it worth it? What do you think?