How To Become A Better Golfer- An Adulation On The Laser

Why Range Finders?

I can only advise every golfer to get a laser rangefinder in their own equipment as the next investment. Everyone knows the anecdote of Bernhard Langer, who asks his Caddy for the distance to the pin from the sprinkler the ball lies, whether this data is valid at the beginning or end of the sprinkler.

Professionals and their caddies have the most accurate surveying books of every tournament place, the so-called Birdie Books. For professionals, a centimetre exact yardage is part of everyday profession, which decides about victory and defeat, cut or not cut and much more.

Since several years, it is now possible for the normal golfer to measure the distances on the course most accurately and to use it to his advantage. Besides always getting better distance information on the courses by themselves and by accurately represented yardage books of golf clubs, laser of different companies (Bushnell, Callaway, etc.) have proven successfully.
Due to the modern hand-sized laser, the objects can be measured up to 300 metres.

Obvious Advantages

  1. Each player can quickly measure a distance to the flag, an obstacle or similar
  2. The tiresome pacing of a distance is eliminated
  3. Club selections are cut down to seconds
  4. Fast feedback about the actually hit lengths and thus more experience for next round
  5. No browsing / turning over of pages of a yardage book

Now affordable

The purchase of a laser is now affordable in terms of price and a rewarding investment as, for example, the next driver. Moreover, lasers speed up the game immensely due to the above mentioned benefits. Each player immediately has the required distance and can make a club selection and hit. Therefore, it is more unintelligible to me that golf associations and some clubs still do not allow the use of laser for the handicap-effective tournaments, although everything else is tried to make the game faster and more entertaining for more target groups.

Pay attention to the following facts

  1. Choice / option of yard / meter.
  2. Detection of the smallest objects (flags) must be possible.
  3. The greatest possible range (300 meters and more).
  4. Slope area should be calculated automatically by a laser.
  5. Weatherproof bag.
  6. That can be attached to the bag with a clip.

However, it is important that in the default-effective tournaments, in which the distance measuring devices are allowed, the device may indicate distance, no further data. This automatically leads to disqualification.