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How To Become a Better Golfer: Know Your Shot Length!


Why do I have to know my shot length?

‘Every time I am playing on the golf course, I hit my iron 7 at least 140 meters.’ How often you have already heard this statement from your fellow players and know exactly that it is not true. The maximum distance will be much shorter with roll out if not even shorter.
How often you have already experienced that they were at the same point on a hole, like on the previous day and the club, that they have hit yesterday, have not reached today?
Just a coincidence? Or was it perhaps a coincidence yesterday and today is reality?

What good players do

Good players know their stroke lengths for every single club in the bag and check it at least three times in the year. At the beginning of a season, in the middle of the season and before the winter training. The really good players even before each tournament or still before the round. Also, new clubs or shafts are immediately tested to know exactly how far the ball actually flies. However, the carry length is important. This is the point where the ball first time touches the ground. Knowing the stroke lengths for each club has the advantage that one can exclude the club selection as a reason for a bad shot on the course.

How to become a good player?

The easiest way is to determine the stroke lengths with a launch monitor (at the best with a Track Man. The only launch monitor that captures the ball during the entire flight of the ball). A radar-controlled measuring instrument for determination of impact parameters. After the session one gets a printout with all stroke lengths divided into the individual clubs.
If you or your professional do not have launch monitor or can not use it, look for a partner who has a laser. This is how you can test your shot length with your partner and a laser.
At the best, use a hole on the course at a time when nothing is going on.
Now, hit 10 balls with each club and your partner measures back to you from the point where the ball first touches the ground. At the end, you should delete cross out the farthest and shortest stroke and calculate an average value per club from the eight remaining strokes.

Final result

At first, you’ll be surprised once, how ‘far’ the balls really fly. From this disillusion you will earn an absolute added value for your game on the course.
Quite consistently use these values for each shot and you’ll notice that

  1. You will arrive with more confidence at ball.
  2. The club selection will be more frequently right.
  3. You will hit more Greens.

Repeat this measurement at least three times a year to know each time how far you hit individual clubs and also possibly to be able to take into consideration different climatic conditions in the long term.

How To Become a Better Golfer: Know Your Shot Length!
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