How To Become a Better Golfer- Set SMART Goals- „My 5 Rules”

Season will start all over again

The season is just to start very shortly, Sylvester is over long ago and I am sure you already have made some goals for the year that are possibly again forgotten.Now since the season starts again, the next goals are already set. Handicap, tournament, training and many other types of targets. Either still and quiet for yourself or in the round of golf in which you maybe defines a target and bet on it.It often helps to communicate a target to achieve it. The motivation to achieve it and to get the praise of others is a wonderful prospect and good impulse. There is no greater obligation to make your goal known to the friend’s circle. So that you are not regarded as megalomaniac or crazy, you should go through the following rules.

Your goal

Let’s assume, you decide like about many other golfers in the world to improve your handicap this season. Let’s say you play off a 12 Handicap at the moment and want to play a Handicap 9.9 at the end of November. So that the goals are also authentic, they must be tested on 5 criteria.

Goals must be SMART:

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Accepted
R- Realistic
T- Terminated

What is SMART?

So, you have defined what specific goal you have.
After you have defined which specific target (improving handicap) you want to achieve, you must make sure that your goal is also measurable and accepted by yourself. Then, it needs to be realistic. The improvement of your handicap from 54 to 0 is certainly not realistic. However, from 54 to 36 is realistic. Realistic also means that you have it in hand to achieve the goal. Target achievement must not be regarded to luck or coincidence. Your handicap goal must be feasible. You must judge how much time you have for your golf training and tournaments along with family and profession. Basically, you should customize these goals with your family and your environment. If the environment does not cooperate, no goals can be achieved. Last but not the least, you should set a fixed date for the achievement of the goal so that it becomes binding and it is clear at a certain time whether the target was achieved or not. In our case, the end of November is the terminated date.

These principles help to achieve goals and it is also not bad, not to achieve a goal on some day. Then, it is only important that you analyze why this happened and change your goal accordingly or adjust or modify the route to the goal.

Let’s go through your goal: ‘Improve handicap’ based on SMART

  1. S- Specific- YES. You want to play a 9.9 Handicap.
  2. M- Measurable- YES.
  3. A- Accepted- YES. It is your own desire to play this Handicap.
  4. R- Is the goal realistic in accordance with the time, you can spend for golf? – Looks like it is.
  5. T- Terminated- YES. End of November.


The most important thing at the end, do not get lost in planning. Simply start. Make the best use of today to go to the Driving Range for the first time, to ask your professionals for assistance for your goals or to go to play a few holes. It is also often easier to search for an alliance. Search for a few friends who also want to improve their handicap and train together on fixed days of the week in a group. This helps to overcome the inner weakness and not to lose the target difficult phases.