How to become a better Golfer: Your Own Training Book

Keep record of your training

If you listen to good players or to Golf Playing Professionals during interviews they all tell you the same things. They all keep records of their game and personal practice sessions with and without their Teaching Pro. They do it because they know that they cannot have their Teaching Pro on their side every day to help them if they do not hit the ball or play as well as they wants to. On the course you are on your own and that is what separates the best players from the good ones. The best ones have found a way to help themselves in every situation they face. Keeping records of swing thoughts helps them face problems in their game and solve it right away. Golf is a game full of problems, you know! Every shot can face you with a problem that you once solved. It is nice to have it written down how you did the shots and maybe what you thought about it. It is even a good idea to write what has not helped. Then you do not need to try it again that way if you forgot that you tried it this way. Just have a look. What does that mean us? Everybody who plays golf can keep records of every round of golf and every practice session. That will help you to remind yourself of your swing thoughts. Use the book the day before the next round with your buddies or a tournament round or even before your next practice session is taking place.

„my5rules“for your training book

1. What did I practise?
2. How long did I do it and when did I do it?
3. How did it feel like?
4. Which thoughts where coming into my mind when I did it?
5. What will I do different the next time?

Do not be afraid to start. For the first time you can just write what you practiced. Sooner or later you will start to fill in more details about your golf or what you have done today on the course or on the Driving Range. Really important is to save good things you did well or the feelings you had and how the new move in your swing felt like. That will help you to improve your game every time you go on the golf course. Write down drills you completed or practice sessions you really liked, even feelings of great influence on your performance the other day. Write down if something did not work in the way you had planned. That will help you get faster on the improvement track. Really good Teaching Pros do offer their students something like writing notes after every lesson. This will help the student to check what the lesson was about before his next lesson or round of golf takes place. That is the way to improve. You will be curios about how fast you will improve if you start to keep record of your lessons and training. You will wonder why you did not use such a book before. Ask the Pro to offer you something like this or choose it on your own.