How To Become a Better Putter: Success Series 2 Meter Putts

The success series

The success series is a type of training that reflects very well the pressure of competition in a tournament and is therefore ideally suited for each training class to make the training challenging and exciting. Rainer Mund and Uli Zilg have invented the success series several years ago and since then it has become an integral part of my training. Players love it because of it`s challenging style.


This training is very similar to the 1.5 metre putt training I have mentioned in one of my previous articles. But, this time, only eight putts must be played. The structure is the same. 8 Tees are placed in a circle at a distance of 2 meters to the hole in different directions in the Green.

Take your time

For this training, take your time and especially be aware that it will be very frustrating and irritating. Be patient and stay calm. This exercise sound easy. But it is not. The German National Team (Martin Kaymer was one of the players in that group) once needed more than 3 hours to complete the session. The aim is to make all 8 putts in a row! Yes, all 8 putts!

„My5 Rules“ for a successful success hit series

  1. Take your time and stay calm.
  2. Every time execute your Pre shot routine.
  3. Use your Post shot routine to anchor good putts and to delete bad putts.
  4. Make pauses between the shots (It should be given on the ground / course).
  5. Look for a partner for you with whom you jointly carry out a success series together.

If you have performed this exercise a few times, then I’m sure that you’ll make more putts on the course and 2 meter putts suddenly become easy!

Have fun- Putt better!