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How To Become A Competent Dive Instructor?

Diving is a unique sport that is treated as a good hobby by many people. This wonderful activity helps in giving much excitement and fun to the aspirants. They not only get amused but are benefited to great extent with this extraordinary task that has become much popular amongst millions of persons in the world.

Those interested to become competent dive instructors by undergoing the requisite lessons may find divemaster internships in Thailand or other such successful classes conducted throughout the world. Following major courses are usually necessary for them –


  1. Open water diver course: This initial course is to teach the candidates the requisite methods and skills in becoming a good diver. Comprising of academic sessions and other information; this basic course teaches the necessary guidelines for understanding the effects of diving upon one’s body. Safety measures are also taught to the pupils that learn the techniques of diving in the swimming pool or open water. This course includes four open water dives and other skills that go on developing throughout the entire course.
  2. Advanced open water course: This course consists of five office open water specialty dives, i.e. deep diver, navigation in addition to three dives of the candidates’ choice to be conducted under the guidance of the instructor.
  3. Rescue diver course – Beginning with the Emergency First Responders lessons; this particular course teaches the basic first aid and dive related injuries like decompression sickness. This course includes lessons meant for assisting the other divers in times of emergencies. Associated with open water dives; this course involves the skills meant for protecting the divers from the possible eventualities.
  4.  Dive Master Course – This particular level of the course takes the aspirants to the height of competence and expertise as a good diver. It deals with the complex situations that usually arise during the course of diving in one’s life. It involves instructions related to becoming a competent diver instructor. Dive Master Course, a structured one teaches the candidates the methods and skills for running a dive boat and led the dive trips. The pupils are taught how to assist their instructors and their co-fellows in case of emergencies. Exams consisting of questions for enhancing the knowledge of the students are conducted. Lessons in biology and physics are also provided to the candidates.
  5. Instructor Development Course, i.e. IDC – Running over duration of about three weeks, this course consists of mock exams and final practical exams. Completing and passing this final course enables you to take the Instructor Examination or IE. Comprising of a closed book five part Dive Theory Exam, classroom presentation, Standards and Procedure Exam, confined water skill presentation and assessment, this unique course is a must for becoming a skilled dive master. Additional lessons in an ocean Rescue assessment and two ocean skills presentations are also facilitated for the would-be dive instructors. They may find divemaster internships in Thailand or other such institutions. Successful clearance of this final course enables you to receive a completion certificate making you the Open Water Instructor.

Those interested to become competent dive masters must follow the above steps in consistent manners and guide the would-be divers.

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