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How to Become a Ghost Hunter

An introduction to Ghost Hunting and what you need for Ghost Hunting Tools

Paranormal research is becoming more and more mainstream by the day. The popularity of ghost hunting has increased exponentially in the last decade thanks to some excellent television shows featuring experienced ghost hunters.

A few of the shows that come to mind are Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted and Destination Truth which is not 100% Ghost hunting but they do investigate the paranormal and every type of strange phenomenon you can think of or have heard of.

If you want to start a career in ghost hunting or maybe just doing it for fun you will need some ghost hunting tools and ghost hunting rules to follow.

There are some must have basic tools you will need and then there are more advanced ghost hunting tools you can purchase later on. Before you start any ghost hunt make sure you have a digital audio recorder, a digital camera and an infrared night vision digital video recorder at minimum.

Depending on your budget you can also invest in an infrared night vision camera and an EMF detector. I will explain what these devices do. A digital recorder is used to pick up EVP’s which is Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Ghost hunters have had great success recording ghostly voices on digital recorders when they didn’t hear anything by ear at the time they were recording.

It is a good idea to have more than one digital recorder and a night vision digital video recorder so you can leave them running in a room by themselves to record any sounds and movement while you are investigating somewhere else in the location.

Romanian Ghost on Stairs

Equipment you will need for your Paranormal investigation

Digital cameras and digital video recorders are great because you can take a large amount of pictures and video on just a small memory card.

They are also excellent for ghost hunting because you can instantly check to see what you just took a picture or video of if you thought you caught something.

Make sure you have extra batteries also as it is believed that ghosts use the energy from electrical devices that are turned on to help the ghost manifest and that drains the battery of its life.

Night vision versions of digital cameras and digital video recorders are even better in the dark as they use the smallest amount of light in a room to be able to see better than your human eye.

A device that includes infrared in the mix is that much better as infrared detects and maps any heat radiating from the room so you might pick up a heat signature of something paranormal which you wouldn’t see with a regular video recorder or your eyes.

If you are able to afford an EMF detector they are great because they pick up electromagnetic fields. If there is any sort of energy source at all your EMF will pick it up.

When ghosts manifest they give off an electromagnetic spike which will cause your meter on your EMF to start moving. If your EMF meter does start moving and there are no natural sources of power near the meter then you are probably picking up static from a ghost’s presence.

Don’t forget flashlights. Two per person might be a good idea.

You have your Ghost huntiing tools so now Ghost Hunting rules

You have the tools you need to get the job done. Now you just need some ghost hunting rules of thumb for a successful ghost hunt.

First off make sure you have a closed location so there is no interference from outside sources if possible.

Close location means that there isn’t anyone who is not a part of your investigative team roaming around the location. While the investigation is underway make sure everyone knows where everyone else is at all times so not to mistake human sound with ghostly sound.

Before you get started make sure to research where the most activity is occurring in the location you are investigating.

You might have someone who can tell you the best spots to check or you might have to check a library or the internet for information on the hot spots.

Make sure to set up your extra digital audio recorders and digital video recorders in the most active areas to ensure you capture any unexplainable sounds or movement.

After your investigation is complete you can then check your equipment for evidence. Make sure to take your time listening to audio and watching video and get others to help you decide if something you might of caught to be paranormal or not. Remember that when you come across evidence if there is any doubt to throw it out.

When entering different rooms tag your audio with who is there with you and where exactly you are at the location.

If you hear something strange you can even mention it on your audio and ask that it be checked. It is important that you make sure who ever is listening to audio and watching video knows exactly where the audio and video is being picked up.

More Ghost Hunting tips and final thoughts

When you come across sounds or movement like doors opening or closing make sure to try and debunk the sound or movements.

Look for logical explanations and if you cannot debunk what just happened then there is a good chance you just had paranormal activity.

Make sure to ask questions out loud and give time in between questions for any spirits to answer you.

When you review your audio equipment you might come across a ghost responding to you.  If you know names of people who are suspected of haunting the location use their names when asking questions.

If you are not experiencing any ghostly activity you might want to try and provoke a spirit into responding to you.

Try calling the spirit a coward and demand it let you know you are present.

Just remember that not every sound or movement you come across is paranormal. Be calm under all circumstances and enjoy what you are doing.

As far as I know most ghost hunters do not get injured while investigating haunted locations by any ghosts. If by chance you come across a demonic entity then you will have to be careful and very respectful of them.

Make sure you have a plan of action if you do come across an entity that might not have ever been in human form previously.

You will want to seek more professional help if you come across a demonic entity.

Until you have more experience under your belt just stick with the haunted locations that appear haunted but not dangerous.

Happy Ghost Hunting

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