How to Become a Professional Santa Claus?

How to Become a Professional Santa Claus: Learn the Basics

Many of you might have asked yourself the question how to become a professional Santa Claus. There are actually institutions that teach and train you regarding these kinds of stuff. But, you have to enroll and pay for it. For those individuals who want to save some cash, there are several basic details you’ll need to know. Don’t worry, since most establishments would require you to attend three-days training, you don’t exactly need certifications to be a professional Santa Claus. But, you’ll definitely need skills, patience and attitude to become one. With that being said, here are some basic skills you’ll need to know in order to become a professional Santa Clause.

Social Skills

One basic requirement in becoming a professional Santa Claus is your social skills. To be exact, you should be good with kids. Seems easy right? But, handling children is not an easy task. They can be irrational sometimes. Furthermore, while some children can be easily calmed and pleased, most of the time children can be naughty and hard headed. Thus, you have to develop the patience to handle these kinds of situations. You also need to learn child behavior and mentality. This is not a hard task since most individuals who want to become Santa Claus for a living are naturally good with children.

Communication skills

Another important skill to learn in becoming a professional Santa Claus is communication. This doesn’t exactly mean that you need to learn how to baby talk. Basically, in terms of communication, you should learn the appropriate words to say. You should also know when to make a child laugh. Aside from that, you should determine which promise or wish to grant. This simply means that if a child asks for a gift, you should make sure that his or her parents can provide it. As mentioned earlier, children are irrational beings. They believe in almost anything and what their parents say. You have to maintain this belief. Thus, before pursuing a career on becoming Santa Claus, you have to be irrational as well and learn a few parenting languages. Through this you would be able to provide happiness to children.


How to become a professional Santa Claus? As the question denotes, to become a professional you have to apply professionalism. What does this mean? Basically, work ethics is always a part of a job. It can be associated in various situations may it be employer-employee relationship, how you value your job or costumer based. In connection to a professional Santa Claus Job description, there are various scenarios where you can apply professionalism. Take a kid misbehaving on your lap for example. What will you do in this situation? As a professional, you should be able to calm him by telling a story, a joke or giving him a treat. Never ever punish a child for misbehaving. It is your duty to serve the child by pleasing him.


As mentioned earlier, you also need patience. Keep in mind that this job is not comfortable. A Santa Claus’s costume can be very warm. Thus, you have to be prepared for this. Other than that, these are the basic details you’ll need to know on how to become a professional Santa Claus.