News How to book your last minute holiday deal

How to book your last minute holiday deal


It is almost the end of summer here in UK and those of you still thinking to book your last minute holiday package deals, I believe there is enough time to squeeze in the best bargain. Searching for the best holiday deals require good research on some of the meta search engine websites available. However, if you have the flexibility of taking a time-off out of the school holiday rush, then chances are you might end up booking at cheaper prices. Booking during the weekdays or off-peak instead of the busy weekends can bring you cheaper deals. I have listed below few guidelines which can help you to grab the last minute holiday deals.

Quick planning on what you want from your holiday

Deciding on whether you want a holiday package deal or rather book everything for yourself clarifies most of the issues. It can be relatively cheap if you know how travel businesses make their money and when is the best time to book.

If you are planning to book a holiday package deal on its own, then you are cutting down half of your chances of getting that cheap holiday deals. Booking a package holiday often works to your advantage if you leave it till the last minute. The reason is most of the travel agents buy holiday packages in bulk from the tour operators like Mosaic Holidays– meaning the travel agents have already paid for the holidays. So the nearer the date of the holiday comes, the greater their need to sell it even at reduced prices. If the agents fail to sell the packages, they would end up with a loss and not making any profit out of it. Hence, it is always advisable to keep in contact with two or three booking agents and most of them are always open to negotiation on an already discounted price.

Flexibility to book your holiday packages

Fixing your mind on a particular holiday package on a particular date will never work in your way to get the cheapest deal. You should be open to different options with flexible dates and different destinations. Booking your holiday packages during the weekdays and ungoldy hours can fetch you the very best bargains.

Preferably, look for a midweek flight as they are usually cheaper than the ones in the weekend. You need to be prepared even to catch an early morning flight or change the date of the holiday. Have a country in mind like Egypt or Turkey and there are many destinations like Jordan, Petra, Amman, and Istanbul respectively.

It is always good to weigh the pros and cons when comparing the deals of low budget airlines with a standard airline. Say for example you have to pay for the check in and extra fees for your luggage and then you land at the airport which is in the middle of nowhere- you eventually end up spending more money.

For you perfect late escape, you should also look into another aspect which is accommodation. Finding a cheap hotel room is a misery and you cannot ignore this until the last minute. Leaving it till the last minute is a bit of risk and you cannot take any chances on that.

How to book your last minute holiday deal
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