How to boost self esteem

How to boost self esteem is always on each and everybody’s mind, many people have been asking how they can boost their self esteem. The problem here is that you do not know what you want to improve because you are acting on external signals. Building self esteem is not something which you can build in one day it is a process which you have to follow. The good thing about it is that everyone is capable of building up self esteem but you have to be ready and committed so that your self esteem levels can increase. This is how to how to boost self esteem when you are down.

Avoiding comparing yourself with your friends, relatives or neighbors. Be yourself, because some of these people have more than what you have and there are others who will have less. If you start comparing yourself with people who have more than you, you will never boost your self esteem. Never put your self down. You will never boost your self esteem if you keep on thinking about negatives things which you have done in life or about your abilities especially when it comes to your financial status, goals, relationships and appearance. Try as much as possible to stay away from self deprecating comments because they will never boost your self esteem.

Do something which is going to keep your busy and focused. You need to appreciate and accept compliments which are made to you. If a friend makes a comment about how you dress, your job and your car say “thank you”. Do not just ignore as if something did not happen because when you do not accept it you are considering yourself as not worthy the praise. To build your self esteem you have to use affirmations. If you have a business card or you are using a small index at the back of the card just write “i adore myself very much and i accept the way i am or you can even write that i am very important person who is suppose to receive the best when it comes to life”. Do not leave the card at home carry it with you everywhere you go put in your wallet if possible. Read these statements severally during the day and the best time is when you are going to sleep and very early in the morning. Such kind of affirmations will help so much in boosting you esteem.

Books, video tapes, workshops, seminars and cassette tape programs you have to use them so that you boost your self esteem. If you allow certain type of materials to take control of your mind they are going to affect your behavior. If you watch programs which are not educative or reading magazines of murders you are going to become cynical as well as pessimistic in life. It better to avoid programs which are positive in nature because they will never boost your self esteem.

Associate with friends who talk positively in life and those who can support you when you are down. When you become friends with people who do not have focus in life and those who are putting your ideas down your self esteem is not going to be boosted. When a friend encourages you, you feel better about yourself and this increases the level of your self esteem. Take part in activities, games and work which you like doing in life. You cannot feel good if you spend days and hours in a work or an activity which you despise. Self esteem can only be boosted when you indulge yourself in activities and work which you enjoy doing.