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How to Break Out of the Creativity Rut

The animated movie Ratatouille famously conveyed the idea that anybody can cook as long as he or she has passion. It can be similarly said that anybody can get creative, provided he or she is passionately driven towards a pursuit. However, the hard fact remains that mere passion is not enough to generate creative outputs. Creativity constantly needs a deliberate stimulation to manifest itself in the form of artistic and innovative products. However, sometimes, due to burnout, fatigue and sheer exhaustion of ideas, people often find themselves stuck in a creative rut.

If you have lost your creative spark too, worry no more, because the following techniques can instantly ignite your creativity and passion.

1. Listen to Music that you Enjoy

Music can touch your emotions, fill you with pleasure and also directly change your brain chemistry to stimulate your creativity. Although classical music has been widely proven to rekindle one’s artistic instincts, you don’t have to compulsory download Mozart just because the research suggests so. Music, regardless of its genre, is meant to make you happy. You can listen to whatever kind you enjoy and rest assured that your creativity will flow.

2. Free-write by Hand

There is something mentally liberating about the word “free-write”, which suggests that you are absolutely uninhibited and unbridled as you write. Free-writing works only when you do not censor your thoughts and put down every silly idea without stopping your pen. The reason people prefer writing to typing is that the former results in better creative outputs as compared to the latter. You can see it for yourself, how the smooth flow of pen enables an equally smooth flow of thoughts.

3. Meditate

The trend of meditation is getting increasing popular as people are now aware that meditation is not tied to any religion/ spiritual guru. Anybody can meditate, anywhere, anytime, and in any way he or she likes. The more you meditate, the better you connect with your inner self, possibly on a subconscious level. As subconscious is the source of your creative outputs, meditation effectively helps with creativity. Another reason that meditation promotes creativity is that regular meditation declutters your mind and makes you focus on inspirational ideas.

4. Talk

More often than not, a casual conversation with someone can randomly give you a fabulous idea for your new invention. Even if you are a stay-at-home-parent, make an effort to reach out to as many people as you can. In this information-driven era, you are only a text away from like-minded people. A creativity-oriented conversation does not have to be a discussion on “sociocultural influences on Nietzsche”. Feel free enough to talk about any mundane, everyday topic that is of real relevance to you. You never know, what random comment/phrase can be the title of your next novel.

5. Create a mental web of ideas

Pick up the book right next to you; the first word on page 54 is your trigger. Now write down this word in the center of a blank page and draw a few branches around it. Start jotting down all the related words and continue to create more branches for as long as you can. The whole purpose of this exercise is to recognize patterns and connections in various concepts which otherwise seem unrelated.

The Creativity Workshop offers courses to help develop creativity among professionals, writers and people from all walks of life. To know more about creativity, you may visit Wikipedia.

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