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How to Build a Fuel Polishing System at Home?

Fuel Polishing services and other states of USA are on a rise thanks to the immense benefits that polishers help in smoothening out your vehicle activities. However, often getting a ready-built one from the market may cost many thousands of dollars making many turn to Do-It-Yourself endeavors to build their own fuel polishing systems at home. If you too are contemplating on making a fuel polishing system at home here are some things to take note of.

Main Things you need: Before sitting down to draw the layout of the pump mechanism and installation you need to have a Facet style pump, a module, filer, fittings, and pipe which are typically available in polishing kits. For those desiring for timers be prepared to spend a few hundred bucks more to purchase it additionally. You may also resort to a solar panel for powering up the pump.

Where to Put Up: Deciding where to put up your fuel polishing system can help you determine the length of the pipe and the tools you would need to fit the system to the existing engine. You can either install it inside the engine space or if it feels too cramped place it close to the fuel tank along the bulkhead. It is better to stave off from using saws to insert the system and use cutters or knives to incorporate the fuel lines to prevent interrupting with the injector pump flow.

Follow the Steps: with the help of stainless steel clamps fasten the pipes in place. You could place some nylon tees in the place to secure it further. Before purchasing, be sure you can use those pipes for your fuel polishing system in Texas. Decide on the place where you could clamp the filter bearing it in mind that the upper part will have to be taken off later when there is the need for filter change. Moreover, the bottom glass portion may also have to be taken off repeatedly to throw off any water that may have separated out. Hence fixing the filter in a convenient position where it is easy to maneuver is important.

The polishing module needs to be installed next and placed in close proximity to the filter. In order to ensure that contaminates do not flow inside before you connect the pipes the cover tapes should be left in proper places. Using Teflon threads seal the NPT brass fittings that have been screwed into the filter and the module. Make sure there are no thread bits at the ends to flow into the fuel. Place the various fittings in place but do not screw them tight.

When these steps have been accomplished, you will get the pipe that comes out of module top and returns to the tank. On the right hand side there should be the suction pipe and on the left the pipe will run to the engine. After all is done and the fuel polishing system has been installed successfully be sure to check every hose connection carefully to do away with the possibility of air leaks. If you were running the module electrically, the last step would consist of connecting the parts to a spare breaker. If you are using a solar panel it would mean saving hundreds of dollars in the long run although you might have to invest more initially.

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