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How to Build a Strong Career with SAS Certification?

The largest market share holder in advanced analytics, SAS, known as Statistical Analysis System Software is used for advanced analytics, business and data management along with predicting course of actions for organizations. The software, which has been used for decades came into existence in 1976. Since then, this software has been used in leading number of organizations, for collecting and analyzing data for making informed decisions. In fact, you can build yourself a remarkable, respected and well-paying career by undertaking an SAS certification. The SAS course should detail how the statistical data is to be used for getting advanced analysis and using them for business intelligence and predictive analysis.

Know these simple tips to make a strong career with SAS certification

SAS is used in 136, operating at over 70,000 sites. That’s why you can discover new opportunities and seize them confidently if you opt for an SAS certification. And if you are wondering how you can build a strong career with a certification, then here is what you need to know.

A strong career requires you to build a strong foundation. For the same, you need to know about the SAS course details, and everything you need to know about the software- from its functioning, to data collection, analysis to practical exposure. It should give you the opportunity to be well-versed with the software. At the same time, the course should outline case studies and focus on practical exposure to ensure that you go beyond the usual statistical facts and figures.

SAS Course Details should ideally include following-:

  • Basic structure for understanding data- Getting information about how the data is read, imported, exported or copied. Learning how to append, merge and sort datasets and understanding the structure of proc steps.
  • The course should also teach how to enhance output with ODS- by giving information regarding output delivery system, creating SAS Data sets from procedure output and using ODS statements to create.

The next step in SAS course details should be related to learning data manipulations and analysis. For a better career, you need to learn SAS functions, descriptive and univariate analysis during your certification course. You should also be able to summarize data using different procedures. Go beyond the certification course or ask your organization to provide you different data sets that you can summarize in real-time.

Next, build a strong career by focusing on doing loops and understanding the array dimensions, elements and range in SAS. Go ahead with Relational Data to understand how you can correlate data sets and find different trends by comparing two or more sets of data. For the same, you should practice processes of retrieving and summarizing data, grouping and sorting or filtering the data and get a hang of Proc SQL or Structured Query Language.

Lastly, practice SAS Macro Language to understand the use of macro functions and create data driver programs. Follow these simple steps to create better career in the field!

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