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How to build bonding with your daughters in the kitchen?


Every day, cooking is the usual thing done by many of us. Once you cook, of course you need to prepare the food. Food preparation is the best way to ensure that the food is safe for eating. It covers a vast range of techniques, tools, methods and combination of the needed ingredients.

It is a normal thing done by the mothers at home to teach their daughters how to be competent in cooking. Part of it, she teaches them on the correct steps for a proper food preparation. If you are a mother, then you must note some important things on food preparation you can share at home with your daughters. Preparing foods includes the proper selection, measuring and mixing of ingredients. Mostly, you can see that at home cooking is usually involved in a simple food preparation. You may also introduce to your daughters the different types of preparing the foods for the family which can be done through mechanical, chemical and biological ways. Show them first the different cooking techniques such as how to bake, broil, fry, boil, use the microwave, roast and smoke the food. They will be glad to learn those simple cooking techniques that they can best compare to their science experimentation. They will learn to explore and enjoy the experience of cooking foods using many techniques. Make them familiarize too with the chemical techniques by teaching them the drying, marinating, seasoning, souring, brining, salting and other basic chemical techniques which are very useful later on especially if one of them will proceed in a culinary school. If they have any question about the things that you are teaching them, answer them with enthusiasm so that your daughters will be motivated to enjoy food preparation as they knew it’s very important for food safety and good food results. After that, you can show them the mechanical techniques which includes, mixing, peeling, shaving, kneading, dicing, chopping, grating and blending.

Then, you may test how much your daughters learn from you by encouraging them to have a routine schedule of preparing food at home. Check their knowledge by watching their performance in their work in the kitchen area. If they’re not yet skillful enough, teach them several times until they become skilled and used to do it.

You can also suggest that each of them will prepare their favorite foods. You will just be there to observe and comment or critic their work so that they’ll know on what aspect they need to improve. You can then follow a reward for the one who can achieve the best food preparation. Be good in motivating them most of the time especially in cooking so that even if you are not around, they will still cook the food for the rest of the family.

Increase your bond with your daughter by spending time together in the kitchen area. Make the most of your free time with your daughters is important to give them time to learn on the different food preparation techniques plus, it’s another factor that you can build the strong bonding as a mother to your children.

Things will turn out into a good relationship you build with your daughters plus a wonderful moment of learning the methods of preparing foods which they themselves will be glad to pass on the same knowledge when they also have their own family in the near future.

You will just wake up one day and see how much your daughters are proud of you. You will be glad that because of such wonderful moment you shared with them, they will consider you as one of the best moms in the world!

How to build bonding with your daughters in the kitchen?
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