How To Burn Xbox 360 Games Without Mod Chip

Xbox 360 game discs have their common problem where by they are extremely vulnerable and easily got scratches and damaged with the long hour run. To permanently avoid this problem, many among Xbox players try to figure out ways to make an exact copy of Xbox games to DVD and burn it to a backup disc. However, it’s not as easy as you think it was. The process of copying Xbox 360 game discs almost impossible to do unless you know how to decode the encrypted protection code inside the Xbox game itself.

The giant gaming company Microsoft used their professional development team to lock down security sector within the DVD disc to avoid illegal copy happen and protect their copyright. These security sectors are extremely small and only detectable by the Xbox console. If you insert Xbox game disc into normal PC’s drive, you not able to read these hidden sectors and make you completely blind to detect this sector’s content.

Many enthusiastic players having a hard time trying to backup and copy Xbox 360 games. This is where mod chips come in handy because gamer able to unlock those security sectors and overclock the console to enable features that bypass factory default setting. However, by using a mod chip modification, console circuit need to be soldered with external circuit component and lead to void the warranty.

There is always a smart way to get it done without mod chip required and you don’t need to open Xbox console cover which potential harm your console. If you desperately need to copy Xbox games with exactly 1:1 ration quality content and rip a duplication of Xbox discs, then you should look for an Xbox 360 game copy software.

However, there are more than tons of game copy software on the market today and over 90% of them are scam and infected with viruses and malware which can cause damage to your gaming console. You should do more research online and read more customer review of certain game copy program that really reliable and get the most of it.

As a Xbox gamer myself, i’m highly recommended Game Copy Wizard apps where it’s easily to use and capable to copy and burn exact 1:1 content with orginal game discs. This program compatible across all major gaming platforms including Wii, Ps2, Ps3, Xbox 360, GameCube and PC games as well. It copies your game disc perfectly including copyright protection sectors. This means you don’t need to proceed to those high risk and troublesome mod chip installation that bring risk to your console. Now you can do it without modding required by the Xbox game copy software.