How to buy Cheap Wholesale Professional Teeth Whitening Products for Your Cosmetic Dental Office

Are you in charge of supplying a dental office? If so, then why aren’t you buying wholesale professional teeth whitening products? You should never by these supplies for resale from retail outlets yourself as you will be cutting yourself out of the profits and you will be competing poorly against other sellers of cosmetic dentistry tooth whitening products. If you buy wholesale you could instead make 25% or more in profits on the resale value, which you can then reinvest into your cosmetic dental offices. In this article we look at wholesale cosmetic dentistry tooth whitening products, how you can buy them, how to promote them in your practice and how to deal with complaints such as the common ‘why is my teeth whitening not working?’ issue.

Where to Source Wholesale Teeth Whitening Products for Your Cosmetic Dental Offices

Where you source your cosmetic dentistry tooth whitening products from will depend on if you already have another wholesale cosmetic dentistry teeth product supplier and whether they also supply teeth whitening products. Teeth whitenings are becoming more common so this is likely, however, your normal supplier might not have the best deal or you may not even have a trusty supplier yet. If this is the case then you should be looking online for dental surgery cosmetic teeth whitening supplies instead because this is where you can find the best bargains. A great first place to look is eBay where you can buy a no-strings-attached batch of wholesale professional teeth whitening products for your cosmetic dental offices to test market with. Once you have a gauge of whether you will be able to successfully sell the products long term then you can try contacting the same eBay seller personally to ask them whether they would consider offering you a cheaper, long term supply of products. Most sellers will jump at the opportunity to do this as it means guaranteed long-term income, which also means guaranteed long-term savings for you.

How to Promote Your New Take Home Teeth Whitening From Dentist

The best thing you can do to sell your new line of wholesale professional teeth whitening products is to provide plenty of reading material about the products in your waiting room. Customers in waiting rooms will clamor for anything to pass the time in the waiting room and having a few signs and pamphlets can easily let them know about your new product, which will plant the seeds of consideration in their minds. Then, when they come in for a dental check up you can let them know whether teeth whitening would work for them and show them what sort of results they could expect.

Why is My Teeth Whitening Not Working? Common Causes of this Complaint and How You Can Deal With it Without a Refund

‘Why is my teeth whitening not working?’ is a common complaint that you may hear and it is good for your business to know how to handle this concern without instantly resorting to offering a refund (which shows a lack of confidence in you wares). The first thing you can do is to offer to do a free teeth check up to see if there are any underlying problems causing the color of their teeth. The next thing you can do is to offer to take professional before and after pictures of their teeth so they can compare any changes, which can sometimes be too gradual for someone who sees their teeth every day to notice. If, after both of these techniques, the customer is still not satisfied then you can first offer a replacement or sample of another product, and then a refund.

Another Marketing Tactic for Increasing the Sales Volume of Your New Take Home Teeth Whitening From Dentist Treatment

One clever marketing tactic, which is used in many other industries, can be used by you to increase the sales of your wholesale professional teeth whitening products. This technique involves diversifying your product range to give customers a better idea of the quality they are buying and to help them justifying to themselves buying the product. People like to feel like they are getting a good deal so having at least three differently-priced teeth whitening products on show in your practice can help them feel like they have made their own decision on what to buy and have, in their eyes, gotten themselves a bargain. Having only one product choice instantly makes it both the most expensive option and the least trustworthy since there is nothing else to compare it to. Diversify your wholesale professional teeth whitening products range and you will reap the benefits in a notable increase in sales.