How to Buy Diamond Earrings for the One You Love?

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A perfect gift that can make any woman happy is a pair of diamond earrings. Being available in different shapes, carats and colors, they become a perfect present. However, the buying process requires careful consideration. A for now, the most popular styles are the classic round and princess cut diamonds. How to buy diamonds? What to begin with and how to make your choice wise? Let’s find that out.

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Popular Types of Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are available in lots of shapes. This is why, before making your choice, it’s suggested to observe the type of earrings your wife or girlfriend wears. This is how you’re going to get an idea of what she really prefers.

Diamonds can be mounted on platinum or gold settings. Settings can have a single stone in each ear or multiple. The most popular earrings are hoops, dangles and studs. Dangles are available in various shapes, including squares, circles, triangles, lines or chandelier. The sizes vary as well: earrings can be small, not dropping below the earlobe’s bottom, or extra large, touching the top of the shoulders.

How to Choose the Earrings with Diamonds?

There are six main things you should pay special attention to:

1. metal

2. cut

3. carat

4. color

5. clarity

6. Clasp

Diamond earrings come in all types of metals: from silver to white gold, from yellow gold and to platinum. In most cases, the choice depends on one’s personal preferences. Besides, it’s important to take into account, whether the earrings are likely to be worn with other jewelry, because in this case there is a need to match the metal. So, if a woman wears only yellow gold rings, one should stick with yellow gold, and not with platinum, while buying the earrings.

Carat is another essential factor to pay attention to. This is the weight that measures the diamond’s mass. With the increase of the carat

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How to Buy Diamond Earrings for the One You Love?, Seekyt
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