How To Buy Gold?

Today (Wednesday) Gold has become more precious than Platinum and the prices are going higher and higher still. Money is fast becoming devalued, which means that the value of your note is decreasing rapidly amidst the global economic situation. America is at the mouth of the lion, Europe is freshening up its wounds from Greece and Ireland dept crises to Italy and Spain. If the world’s biggest consumers stop spending then who is going to buy the Chinese and Indian goods. The whole picture as you can see is inter related.

So if you haven’t thought already about where to put your little piggy bank savings or any money so that if the world goes through another turmoil your money remains safe. There is hope for you still then. And yes it is Gold the only safe haven which on the verge of any economic disaster will only go up unless of course you can do nuclear fission and create gold from Uranium which in itself will be so expensive and the quantity will be so low that you will only keep it for your generations of children to get a first prize in International Science competions for years to come.

On the serious note you must be thinking every one is saying buy gold all the time but how to do that. I will tell you a couple of ways how to do that and it is much simpler than you think.

Firstly you need some money. At least 85 pounds (Today’s price) to buy the minimum quantity of gold.

And now where to buy it. And the answer depends upon weather you want to physically have the gold yourself in your hand or Keep it in the safe somewhere far far away, out of sight.

The easiest one is the later. I have found the easiest one and the cheapest rates is bullionvault. You can check the spot price in three different locations New York, London and Germany. People like to put their gold in Germany because they think its the safest place to put it. But again I would suggest to check the price first and then buy. Once you have bought Gold you can sell it in another market for more money (link should be around the article).

I have done a lot of research and found bullionvault to be the best place to buy and sell Gold and I am pretty confident that I have come to the right conclusion but if you think there are other places more worthy please post in the comment area so everyone can benefit. But I hardly doubt it… Google will put adds of different other places around the article worth having a look as well. I would encourage you to have a look at least as there are promotion deals which you may find useful.

Best of Luck…