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How to Buy Made to Measure Blinds?

With a wide variety of window treatments available in the market, buying blinds for your house can be a very daunting task. The key to making the right decision is asking yourself various questions – Why do you want blinds, for privacy or for looks?; Do you want to completely block the sunlight or you prefer sheer blinds?; Where do you want to shop from, a store or online?; Do you want to opt for readymade blinds or made to measure blinds? By getting answers to the above queries, you will be able to ascertain exactly what you need and can then proceed to buy it. But, before purchasing blinds, you should be aware of the various styles of blinds available in the market and the kind of materials they are available in.

Types of Blinds

1. Aluminium: These are the most inexpensive blinds available in the market and come in ½”, 1” and 2” sizes. They are usually used in commercial spaces.

2. Wood: One of the most chic types of blinds, they also come in ½”, 1” and 2” sizes. Though, typically they are made of light weight wood, but you can find some designs in oriental hardwood as well.

3. Faux wood: These are basically plastic or PVC blinds, which are very easy to clean and also more durable. They are perfect for areas that are prone to moisture. However, as these blinds are very heavy, you should avoid them for big windows.

Styles of Blinds

• Roller: One of the most common styles, you can opt for both back-roll or front-roll blinds according to your preference.

• Half & Half: This style sports a section of opaque material at the bottom of the blind for privacy and the top half is covered in light mesh so that enough light can pass through.

• Bottom Up: These are the reverse of roller blinds and move in an upward direction instead of going down.

• Roman: These blinds are created with fabric that drapes well and neatly folds into pleats around the window frame.

• Sliding Panel: This style can also be used as a room divider and consists of panels that glide behind each other when opened.

• Vertical: This is the most flexible style of blinds for light and privacy control and consists of vertical panels that can be set in a position of your choice.

• Venetian: Made of wood and painted in both matt and high gloss finish, these are one of the most stylish styles of blinds.

However, before ordering made to measure blinds, just make sure that you calculate the size your windows correctly. Remember, for blinds that will be mounted on the inside you should stop the measurement at the frame, but if you want to mount it outside, then do include the window frame in the dimensions.

Eclectics have been the brand leader of contemporary blind and window furnishing design in the UK for the past 14 years, specializing in made to measure blinds, including roller, roman, vertical and wood venetian blinds designed for modern living. To know how to measure windows for blinds, you may visit Wikihow.

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