How to Buy Police Seized and Impounded Vehicles – Repo Cars Bikes & Boats at Auctions and Discounted Prices

Learning how to buy a used vehicle for cheap from police seized and impounded vehicle auctions can end up saving you a fortune on your purchase. Police auctions are designed to move items fast and no matter what they will sell so you can get some opening bid deals and pay only a fraction of what you would at a used car dealership or even privately. In this article we look at what you need to know to find and purchase a good deal at a police seized and impounded vehicles auction or sale.

Why Are Police Seized and Impounded Vehicles Available for Purchase?

It may seem weird that you can purchase property from police towing or seizures of the proceeds of crime but the police department has funds to raise and inventories to clear. Unclaimed or unreturned property sits around for a while collecting dust but it must eventually be removed to make room for the future. Simply holding one big auction once or twice a year is the easiest way for the department to do this. As such, it’s not only the victims of police towing at these auctions, you can also see anything from sporting goods to precious stones. Anything that isn’t illegal will be sold off and illegal items are destroyed. getting used cheap vehicles is your primary reason for attending so try to keep that in mind when you see all of the other potential distractions. Policing towing and seizures can end up saving you a lot of money – just so long as you know what you are doing.

Where Can I Find a Police Seized and Impounded Vehicles Auction Near me?

There are a few ways that you can find a impounded cars auction near you, the first is simply asking at your local police station or headquarters. The reception should have details of any upcoming auctions in your town or even in neighboring towns. Newspapers also often feature advertisements for auctions in the lead up to them. Another way you can find police auctions in your auto search is to look online either through a car auction website or through the police local websites. Some police districts even have Facebook groups where they often advertise community events like this so if you are on Facebook this can be an easy way to receive advance notification. Most auctions typically occur at the end of the financial year though sometimes smaller ones can happen at other times in the year as it depends on how full your local police force’s storage is.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal at an Auction

Unfortunately, you cannot simply go to an auction and expect to get a good deal. Although it is possible to do so, you shouldn’t just rely on luck and you should prepare ahead of time if you want to get a used car cheap.

Your Personal Auto Search

Before you try to get some towing impound deals you should start by doing a preliminary auto search long before the auction day. Consider which makes and models of used cheap vehicles would best suit yourself and your family. You should prepare a list of at least five options and possibly even more. Make sure to include average dealership prices on used cheap vehicles so you have a good idea of how much you would like to bid to. You should try and get an auctioned vehicle for at least 25% under dealership prices though even a 10% discount will be helpful. You can only do this if you already know the average prices beforehand.

Police Towing Profits – How to Make the Right Purchase

Finally, you should make sure that you thoroughly inspect each and every vehicle you intend to bid on before the auction. Most auctions have a pre-bidding period where you can look around so arrive early and take advantage of this. You cannot change your mind once you get the winning bid so make sure you know exactly which vehicles you want. Then when bidding time comes around stay calm and stick to your plan. Don’t bid over dealership prices and don’t try to buy something you didn’t already want. Police seized and impounded vehicles auctions can be very exciting so make sure to keep your cool if you want to walk away with a good deal.