How To Buy Products Made in the USA

For quite some time, well, actually for years, I’ve been researching American-owned company’s that manufacture products in the USA. It started when my grand daughters were infants. I would try to buy them christmas gifts and everything in the store was made flimsy and cheap and was outsourced overseas. Needless to say, I was not a happy Grandma!

It was all over the news that lead paint was in toys that were being shipped here from China. How could we allow our babies to put these things in their mouths? I was determined to find products that my grand babies could play with and enjoy and we didn’t have to worry about lead at all. It was a hard task! Most stores products were outsourced and I finally found a few places online which was mostly games and wooden blocks that were made here in small town America. But I did find it I’m proud to say.

Ever since, I’ve made it my passion to buy products made in the USA. I even started a blog called By America For America because so many people were asking me to find this and that and having one source where it can all be found was much easier for me.

Here’s the thing you may want to pay attention to. We CAN bring back jobs to America and see more products made in the USA. It is the consumers who can do it. Yes, that’s what I said. You have to stop buying all that junk at Walmart that is outsourced from other countries. I know you have a limited budget but with a little work researching, you can find a much better product that’s made local and put the money in the pockets of your town, not somewhere across the ocean.

The thing is, the profits that are made by any foreign company does not stay here in America. The profits go to their country, whether it is Asia, China, Germany and even the Netherlands. So if the profits go there, where does that leave America? Broke and many people without work. We see it now with tons and tons of unemployed workers.

Most people give up hope! We don’t have to. We can bring back work to America, one product at a time.

I’m really excited because my blog has grown so much in the last few years that just recently I received an email from a very successful businessman in California who is working on getting a bill to help us determine the origin of the countries on our labels. I’m really excited about this and will support and endorse this bill 100%.

If you want to know some of the companies who’s products are made here, stop by my blog to find out. There are just too many to name in this article. Here’s the thing, just because the label says Made in USA, it doesn’t mean it is. I could write all day on this but I’ll close for now and hope that every American wants to do their part to keep jobs in the USA.

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