How To Buy Scratch and Dent Silver – Save Up to 25% On the World's Most Popular Metal

When it comes to making a smart investment in this uncertain economy, you need to know how to buy scratch and dent silver. When you know how to buy scratch and dent silver, you know how to get a premium on an investment commodity at 25% over the going rate, as well as be able to have an affordable protection against a sagging portfolio. And why do you need to know about how to buy scratch and dent silver today? Because silver has grown at a larger percentage than any other commodity – including gold. Yeah. That’s why. Here’s how it’s done.

Are Governments Truly Hoarding Silver?

China is actively encouraging the hoarding of silver. Buyers attempting to get coins from the U.S. Mint are held off for weeks at a time due to rationing. So are the major governments of the world actually hoarding silver? You can make the judgment for yourself. But what I do know is that when it comes to silver, governments and organizations seek out silver in it’s purest form. Why? Because it is worth more to them that way. It can easily be resold, stamped out, and all done at a massive premium? How much do you say? How about 1000%? That why you need to know how to buy scratch and dent silver. This is silver that is still pure, but not set up or ready for modification. That means you get the security of holding the commodity and you get it at a discount – sound pretty sweet?

Where Can I Pick Some Up?

If you think you know how to buy scratch and dent silver buy going down to your local commodities broker, you’re partially right. However, your local broker isn’t an idiot – he understand the value of scratch and dent silver and isn’t going to part with the commodity without you paying a considerable premium on top of the going rate. And sure, you could pick up a bag of scratch and dent coins that have no collectible value and maybe make 5%, but you can do better. What you are going to have to do is go directly to the secondary market.

What’s the Secondary Market?

When you want to now how to buy scratch and dent silver, you are going to have to go off the primary commodities market and bid on the secondary market. Remember – silver is a commodity and you’re going to have to stake a claim to it just like everyone else. And when you compare it to the cost of silver coins, you can end up saving 15%-20%, and 25% off of silver bullion on the open market. That’s how you do it!

So if you are looking to figure out how to buy scratch and dent silver to protect your assets and investments, check out your local commodities broker, bid on the secondary market, and find yourself getting a great deal.