How to buy shower screen for your bathroom?

A shower screen is a great addition to any bathroom. It enhances the visual appeal of a bathroom and makes it look warm and inviting. Available in a plethora of designs and styles, glass shower screens are easy to customise and can suit the needs of every homeowner and designer. But in order to get the most out of them, you need to choose the correct shower screen for your bathroom. If you are buying shower screens for the first time ever, here are a few important considerations that you must bear in mind.

Start with the size of your shower and the space surrounding the enclosure. It is very important to take in to account the available door space as it would decide the type and style of shower screen that you can have. If you have a big bathroom with plenty of floor space you can choose pivot style shower screens with doors that can be opened in two directions. If, however, the bathroom is smaller in size, go for sliding doors instead. Bi-fold shower screens are also ideal for small bathroom spaces.

Clear glass shower screens and frameless glass screens are another good options for small bathrooms as they add illusion of space and make the space look bigger than what it is.

Now decide upon the colour. You can choose shower screen of the colour that is already present in the bathroom to make it complement the overall colour theme or you can go for something different to add a striking touch to your bathroom interiors. You can mix and match colours to create unique and impressive interior design effects. Glass screens come in plethora of colours. Finding the shower screen of your choice won’t be a problem.

After you have decided upon the size and colour of your bathroom shower screen, it is time to decide upon the material of the shower screen. Wood, steel, vinyl, and glass are popular materials that are used in shower screens. Of all, glass shower screens are the most popularly used in homes and commercial properties. Glass is easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t get rust like steel nor does it warp like wood. Glass doesn’t get mould and mildew and is very hard and durable too. Glass shower screens offer immense possibilities in terms of style and design and make it easy for one to get the desired bathroom décor results.

Whether you choose glass shower screens or any other type of shower screen, get it installed properly from experts to make the most out of your investment.