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How to Buy the Right Mud Tyres for Your ATV

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) consisting of four wheeler vehicles, bikes and other SUV’s utilize specialized ATV tyres that are designed in distinct shapes, sizes and strength factors to meet the challenges of off road driving on muddy, hilly and every other kind of terrain. These tyres offer the advantage of maximum road grip in rough and challenging terrains.

ATV tyres are designed in accordance with ATV’s, four wheeler motorcycles and are also compatible with most SUV’s to survive the challenging driving conditions in off road scenarios such as muddy and hilly regions by ensuring superb ground levelling capabilities in tough terrain.

These tyres have been designed to circumvent the multiple problems associated with driving in extreme situations amidst sand, mud, snow, etc. They afford a stronger grip on the terrain as opposed to general tyres, and hence have an ungainly, chunky design with a wide profile that begets their supreme performance in all off road conditions.

ATV tyres are generally available in two varieties; ATV snow tyres and the more commonly used ATV mud tyres. The mud tyres consist of irregular treads that are broadly spaced that aid in a better grip in both dry and wet mud, as the wide flat gaps in between the treads allows the tyre to sink into the mud’s top layer for a stronger grip. The efficiency of the on-board traction control system is also increased through the use of mud tyres.

The large tread pattern of ATV mud tyres makes it easily distinguishable as it is the most obvious characteristic. Similar to a caterpillar track, the tread of the tyre, designed in jagged or straight lines, allows a strong and deep grip to be maintained on the soft mud.

Standard tyres also have treads, but these are thicker on mud tyres that help bore into the ground. Allowing them to hold more mud for a tighter grip, the tyres help to maintain a car’s stability.

These specialized mud tyres, that are too big to be fit into regular sedans due to their small fenders, are seen commonly on specialized vehicles like buggies, carts, etc. and four wheel drive trucks. Seen as a special feature of military vehicles, they are also prominently used to off-road and racing vehicles.

Mud flaps are attached to the mud tyres for their protection. Made of hard plastic or rubber that hangs from the car in the rear of the tyres, they help in absorption of the mud from the tyres and assist in keeping the rest of the car, including the inside of the wheels clean.

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