How To Care For Your Beauty And Skin During Pregnancy

Hair, skin, soul: Everything changes during pregnancy. For this reason, many pregnant women need another care. With the following wellness and beauty tips you can really relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

pregnant bellyThank you, hormones! Pregnant women really flourish. Thick hair, rosy and smooth facial skin due to the pregnancy hormone oestrogen. It ensures a water retention in tissue and a firmer and tighter complexion.

The effects of hormones, however, are not always predictable. With many women pimples may occur increasingly. Pigmentation marks may arise and your hair may become greasier or drier sometimes. Furthermore, your baby stretches the skin so that stretch marks may develop. There is no need to worry! With the following tips you may stay fair and beautiful during pregnancy.

How To Care For Your Skin

Oops, a pimple! Quite typical for pregnancy because the hormones stimulate the sebum production of the skin. Possibly, your skin care is too rich now and you should convert it to the new skin condition. A lighter moisturizer or gel may replace a fatty care. I recommend to use an organic skin care product without any harmful ingredients like the following:

Face and Body Moisturizer

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Very important: Please use a gentle ph-neutral washing solution. If you have small pimples and blackheads products with zinc which simultaneously have a regenerating effect may help. Nipples, moles and freckles may suddenly look darker and also around the mouth or eyes darker spots may occur. The cause: The body is producing more of the body’s skin pigment melanin. Who is prone to dark pigmentation marks should avoid sunbathing and use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. Make sure it protects both from UVA and UVB radiation. For pregnant women products with mineral filters are suitable because in contrary to chemical filters they don’t penetrate the skin but remain on the surface. And they work immediately after applying.

Facial Sunscreen

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A real test: During pregnancy the skin is stretching and causes stretch marks on the belly sometimes. With a pinching massage combined with body oil like jojoba, calendula or almond oil you may prevent them. Take a small amount of oil and rub it between the palms so that it will be warmed up. Apply it on the belly and stroke it from the outside towards the belly button. Take a small area of skin between thumb and index, lift it and hold it shortly. That way, you treat the whole belly one by one from the outside to the inside. The more advanced the pregnancy is, the more gently you should do it. Please leave out the area around the pubis to not stimulate the uterus. In the last month of pregnancy the belly should only be massaged gently, best twice to three times a week.

Pregnancy Body Oil

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil

Gentle Peeling For A Beautiful Skin

Get a skin like a baby – either with Thalasso peelings from the drugstore or you make your own peeling. Therefore, take about 10.5 ounces of sea salt (available at the drugstore) and mix it with a little bit of jojoba, almond or sunflower oil to a viscous mush. Take a shower, then apply the salt mixture on the moist skin and massage it in gently. Rinse of the salt thoroughly. If you like you can moisturize your skin with oil or a body lotion.

Thalasso Scrub

Domina Thalasso Scrub

How To Get Silky Shiny Hair

Super! The hair is remaining longer on the head due to oestrogen. As a result, they will often be drier. Do something about it! Hair treatments and shampoos for brittle hair bring back the shine. Don’t become desperate if after pregnancy your hair is falling out again. This is also related to the hormones and evens out after breastfeeding at the latest. Some pregnant women suffer from quickly greasing hair. Special shampoos will help. Beware of hair drying! If the air is too hot the sebaceous glands will be stimulated all the more to produce sebum.

Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing Shampoo for Pregnant Women

Say Good-Bye To Your Heavy Legs

Puh, heavy legs! No wonder, for the weight of the baby puts pressure on the spine and the blood vessels will have a poor blood supply. This may help: To relieve the legs, put them up frequently and avoid high heels. Leg gels and creams with mint oil, menthol, rosemary, vine leaves or chestnut extract help with swellings. If you want you can massage your legs with a porcupine ball.

Porcupine Massage Ball

Hedgehog Porcupine Massage Ball Red 9cm

Take A Bath For More Balance

Have a bath: Warm water relaxes stiff muscles and makes the big belly weightless. Important: The water should not be warmer than 100 °F (38 °C), otherwise the body’s core temperature rises. This can harm your baby, particularly in the first three months. You should not stay longer than 15 minutes in the tub because it’s not good for the skin. Bath oils with rehydrating substances moisturize it. Dab your skin and rub it with a good body oil (for example, jojoba or almod oil) after the bath.

Aromatic Bath Oil

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Don’t Forget To Care For Your Teeth Regularly

Have a look into the mirror: The gum may be slightly reddened and may start bleeding sometimes, for instance, when brushing your teeth. This is due to the hormones which make sure that the whole organism is better supplied with blood, including the gum. Besides, the saliva is changed because of the hormone changes. It is more sour and is more likely to damage the protective tooth enamel. Risk of caries! It’s high time for prevention! It is best to change to a tooth brush with soft bristles which don’t irritate the gum too much. Don’t forget the interdental spaces. With dental floss or a thin brush you can remove food residues. Important: Go to the dentist regularly!

Following the above-mentioned tips you may feel more beautiful and relaxed during pregnancy. If you are feeling good your baby will feel good as well.

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