How to challage

Chalange in my life

I have grown up in a happy but neither rich nor poor family; I was the youngest and I was clever in school.

By time, my parents decided to leave our town to another area that is considered rural to some extent.

They decided so to be near my sisters and brother’s college. I enjoyed the weather and natural view there,

but I faced the low standard of both education and friends. I insisted to be successful as before; I used to

do more effort. Also, i tried to be sociable with my collegues who told me, later on, that i had a positive effect

on them both in success and in behaviour. But inspite of my effort in studying, I got results that allowed me to

apply to college of science not to faculty of medicine which I hoped to join.

I accepted my way, and really my parents encouraged and adviced me not to dispair. I studied hard and got

high score that allowed me to apply in school of medicine. Then, I married an engineer and when I was in my

2nd pregnancy, I finished my ist degree of Master. Then my father suffered chest diseases, his health

deteriorated and, finally, he passed away. I felt very sad but I had to take care of my mother who was suffering

from hemiplegia,

We lived with her, me and my family, and took care of her alternating with my sisters until she met her God.

Now I am a physician. I love my work and appreciate my patients to whom i am doing my best to give the

needed care.

Now, I am not rich, but I am happy with my family struggling in life together and thanking our God.