How to change IP , Ip changing software and web sites

IP is the internet protocol address of your computer that you use for browsing the internet. IP address can help the web sites to track that from where the visitors are coming from. IP address can track your country , place and the internet service provider.

Generally you can’t change the IP given by your ISP. So you will be always tracked by the sites you visit. They will know from where you are coming. This may give you trouble to work on some foreign freelancing sites or downloading sites. Their service may be restricted to some limited countries only. Or suppose you use your college’s computer lab for browsing the net where some sites are blocked by the college’s team. Suppose you want to browse Facebook but you can’t because they blocked Facebook on their server. So what you need to do then to unblock Facebook on that pc you are using?

Yes there is a way I’m talking about. You can do it by changing your IP to a proxy IP. It means your computer will use another computer’s IP address as a proxy one. But that IP address will not be known to the lab server. So they will not be able to find you at any way! Many softwares are available on the web for this. One of them is mask surf everything. It is a proxy software . You can enter to any site with an american IP or many other countries’ IPs as you wish.

There is a list of available ips you will find on that software. IP can be changed instantly just with a single click! To download the software visit If you want to change your IP without that software, you can do it? Visit and enter the desired site address that you want to visit anonymously. No server will be able to track you! It’s amazing.

Many new doors can be opened by this tricks! Search google typing free proxy or change IP, you will get a tons of sites that can help you in this regard. If Facebook is blocked in your our area you can easily unblock it with the above mentioned process.