How To Choose A Banner

When you first think about using banners for any reason like an advertising campaign you will need to decide just what size vinyl banners or other material banners you will require. This has to do with your space requirements and where you intend to hang these banner signs. Whether you will be using them indoors or outdoors and how well protected they will be if hanging outdoors. Also you will need to decide what duration or length of time you plan to leave them hanging. And what your budget is for the project has to be considered also.

Banner Layout

When you log onto a banner printing website you will see a choice of banners generally grouped by category such as real estate, party, campaign, retail and so on. You can order pre-designed banners which most banner websites offer. These may be stock signs like grand opening or open for business and the like. There may also be banner templates which you can use to plug in your information. Again they may be stock and all you have to plug into the banner templates is the name of the business. Or you may have pre-formatted banner templates which have desirable font size and font lay outs plus a specific place to put graphics so you know the banner be printed looking good.

Banner Color Choices

Generally the more colors you order the higher the cost of the project will be. Many websites offer banner templates with a few basic color choices as background and also the color of the lettering. These templates are simple to use as all you have to do is plug in the optional information and send the banner design into be printed. If you want to use more colors then you may have to design your own banners but this is not difficult because these banner printing websites a re very customer friendly. They also have various ways you can use customer service to get assistance on the banner layout. Some colors work better than others so choose carefully.

Banner Design Tips

  • Keep the banner as simple as possible.
  • Keep the words to a minimum so it is easy to read.
  • Choose a plain white background with black lettering for a simple to read sign.
  • If you choose a different background color use lettering that can be easily seen on it.
  • Make sure the banner is large enough to be easily read.