How to Choose a Top Electric Contractor in Melbourne

A house is, in one way at least, similar to the human body. It is a ‘system of systems,’ each of which is highly complex in its own right. Even as a heart surgeon may not have the skills that neurosurgeons possess, a homeowner may have the know-how to handle plumbing problems but not electrical issues. Many homeowners want to cut costs by doing as many of the home maintenance tasks themselves as possible. Up to a point, this do-it-yourself strategy works out well, but electric work is often an area best left to the experts.

When going about to choose a company or individual to assist you with your home’s electric needs, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind.

  • It is best to hire someone who specialises in electric work, rather than a general contractor. You want people on the job who are focused on the task, who do it day in and day out. This reduces the chance of mistakes, second-rate work, or overly slow work.
  • You should prefer a contractor who lives and works in the local area, right in Melbourne. This will ensure that he or she is familiar with local building codes. It will also give you quick access to your contractor in case a problem arises.
  • Look for a contractor who has extensive experience. Your house is too valuable to trust to ‘newbies.’ Also, make sure their experience is wide-ranging: wiring new construction, re-wiring old homes, installing new electrical appliances, fixing shorts, installing new light fixtures, etc. You want to be able to use this contractor for all of your present and future needs instead of having to constantly hunt up a new electrician.

Keeping in mind these qualities, you want to find in your electrician, you now need to do an actual search for some electrical contractors in the Melbourne area. An old-fashioned, but effective, approach is to reach for your phone book. Searching online is a more modern, and equally effective, method. Finally, you may want to ask your friends, family, and neighbours whom they would recommend. They may have had some past experiences that have taught them which company to trust. In the end, you will have to make the decision, but input from others can help you make it a fully informed decision.

Once you have made a list of candidates, you should start to investigate. The best electrical contractors in Melbourne will typically be those with the greatest experience. The experienced professionals at Ken’s Power House Electrics, for example, have been in the business for over 30 years. If you see a company with only, say, five years under their belt, you may wish to exercise caution. Check their range of services and not only whether they can meet your immediate need. Broad-based skill-sets can indicate perspective and depth of knowledge. Also note whether they offer a free estimate, guarantee their work, are fully licensed and insured, and can be easily reached for emergency services. You want a company with great customer service as well as first-rate job performance.

The sensitive safety issues involved in electrical work make it a task that must be done only by those well-trained. If you have acquired skill at electric work, you may have no trouble taking it on yourself. However, most of us probably would prefer to delegate these jobs to the professionals rather than to create a safety hazard. Finding a specialised, local, and experienced group of electricians is imperative. With a little research and persistence, you can find a perfect fit and rest easy.