How to choose a Wedding Caterer

A good caterer understands your overall vision for the special day as well as listens to your ideas. Besides, the caterers use their wealth of experience and create upon your plans to surpass your expectations for the day. Therefore, when choosing a catering company or a caterer, then look for excellent food, service as well as the ability to work with the quality of the detail engaged in your day. There are some key elements that you must discuss when hiring a caterer for your special day.

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• Budget
If you have a limited budget, then you must share it with the caterer, if possible they will provide a package to suit your wedding needs. Remember, different caterers may or may not include tableware (Used for setting a table, serving food or dining) and linen hire within their quotations so ensure you run this past them as again it is not something you have to find additional budget for right prior to the wedding. One of the most important things to look out for is whether your quote includes VAT (value added tax), no one does not want to get stung if this is ignored.

• Quality of Food

You can ask to the portfolio of the caterers work. In addition, it is extremely significant that your caterer has professional and commercial facilities, including a team of talented people to serve your guests on your wedding day. When you are meeting with the caterer, then it is advice ask about food tasting. There are many caterers who allow a food tasting of the wedding in advance, so that you can select cuisine according to your needs. Remember, some caterers charge a fee for this while others don’t permit it at all.

• Ask about the cancellation policy
Always ask about the cancellation policy, and read the fine lines in any contract because there may be rigid penalties or taxes involved in case you have to change your event date or cancel. So, make everything clear before hiring.

• Experience
Hire a professional catering team that has experience in delivering outstanding weddings and events. You can also use social media sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. to see what jobs they have worked recently as well as their presence in the market of catering.

• Catering Service
In the last, service is very imperative, equal to the quality your food. It is extremely vital that you get the highest level of service from your initial enquiry, from your tasting session at the end of the wedding day itself. Besides, your caterer must provide you with the excitement and expertise that your top wedding caterers in delhi ncr.