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How to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic Design


Which is the best laptop for graphic design? There are many portable computing options depending on user preferences, needs and applications that you need to consider when purchasing a laptop for creating, manipulating and presenting graphics and images.

Graphic design has grown over the years with the advent or outstanding software and hardware to become a beneficial and profitable venture among such professionals. With the expanded needs among clients and customers, as a designer you have to make sure that you are at the top of your game. In this regard, having the right kind of laptop comes in handy.

In this excerpt, you will be able to know the benefits of having the “best laptop for graphic design in 2012-13” and some of the tips towards acquiring such a laptop.

If you just want to see a list of top rated laptops for graphic designers, click here.

How to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic DesignBenefits of having the best laptop for graphic design

If you are a graphic designer, you are probably looking for a laptop that is within your price reach but one which will also guarantee results. This is because the graphic design industry is one of the most dynamic and hence the need to keep up with changes.

Having the best laptop for graphic design will ensure that you have an edge over your competitors since you will in a nutshell provide higher quality designer since you can be able to integrate different programs and run them at the same time. More importantly, you will be able to serve your customers with much speed since such a laptop will be able to load and execute operations with much ease. It is because of these basics that choosing the best laptop for graphic design becomes essential.

How to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic DesignFactors considered when choosing the best laptop for graphic design

There are different kinds and brands of laptops in the market today. It is important to focus more on the hardware than the software of the graphics laptop.

You can buy software later and no matter how good it is, if your computer is slow and struggling to handle the software, you are going to get frustrated which will take the fun out of designing.Many graphics designers tend to choose between Dell, Hewlett Packard or Apple branded laptops since they are some of the best personal computers in the market today.

Some of the key factors to consider when making your choice include:

Screen resolution

While your screen should be large enough to accommodate two windows at the same time, and it should also provide sharp images.

The best laptop for graphic design should ensure programs such as Photoshop and InDesign fit in nicely. You may need to test a few PCs until you arrive at that resolution which works best for your applications and design. See laptops with top screen resolutions here

How to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic Design


The more the RAM your laptop has, the more programs it can be able to run simultaneously without bogging down. Higher RAM gives a faster, smoother, less choppy performance, saving you time. The RAM of your intended laptop is therefore a vital aspect to consider when choosing a laptop for graphic design.

You can add additional RAM to install after the fact, but this can be limited by the space constraints in a laptop. Only do that if a laptop PC has every other feature you want and is a great deal. See laptops with at least 8GB RAM here

Graphic cards

While some laptops have in-built graphic cards, the best laptop for graphic design should come with dedicated Random Access Memory. As opposed to the in-built cards which rely on the available RAM to run, the dedicated graphic cards come with their own memory and hence will not slow down your laptop. Laptops with dedicated Graphics RAM here

ProcessorHow to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic Design

The CPU of your ideal graphic design laptop should be able handle multiple programs at the simultaneously. Apple’s Macbook Pro is an option here with retina display.

Having a laptop with a multi core processor, at least a dual core like an i5, but ideally a quad core i7 processor for really fast smooth image manipulation, refresh, performance and speed on a PC. Laptops with i7 Quad core processors here

Ready to shop for your new laptop?

In conclusion, the best laptop for graphic design has a good size screen with great resolution enabling you to multitask and see what you are designing without straining your eyes, incredible RAM, a dedicated video card and a central processor with more than one core. Here is a great selection of Graphic Designer’s PCs on Amazon, selected for these features.

How to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic Design
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