How To Choose Between a 5 Star Hotel and A Luxury Villa Rental

So you are busily planning away at your next vacation. You have all sorts of details worked out like where you want to go, how long you’ll stay and how you’ll get there. You are left wondering if there will be a better place than a regular hotel or if there is anything on a grander scale than a 5 star hotel. If this is something you’ve been trying to decide between here is some information to help you about luxury villas rental that can help you to make the decision. There are some differences between a Caribbean villa and an extravagant island hotel.

Spend More Time Together

Staying at a luxury villa rental can allow you to bond in a closer fashion with the group you are vacationing with. Whether extended family or a work group is headed to the Caribbean villa you’ll have a more cozy stay than if you choose a hotel, even if it has 5 stars. Additionally, for the expense you will get a more exotic and elegant stay when choosing a villa. It’s important to carefully consider the type of luxuries and amenities that you will be getting for the cost of your stay.

A 5 star hotel may put you in the center of the action scene while a Caribbean villa makes it possible for you to get a sanctuary. There are many who want to be able to enjoy their time away without constantly bumping elbows with fellow travelers. From your luxury villa rental you will be able to easily choose if you want to be very active and a part of the tour scene or if you want to experience quiet and relaxation without a large crowd around.

If you aren’t really sure of how long your stay will be or if you will actually be able to make the trip and the reservations; then cancelling with a 5 star hotel is simpler than a cancellation with a luxury villa rental. In this fashion there can be a little more flexibility when choosing to rent a hotel over an exotic villa.

For beach privacy a Caribbean villa is the first choice of many a seasoned vacationer. You can easily be the only couple on a beach for miles and therefore have the enjoyment the ocean has to offer without the commotion of everyone else around swimming, splashing and building sand castles. If you’re someone who always wants to tan but doesn’t want people around this is ideal.