How to Choose High Quality Marine Fenders?

Marine equipments that are used to prevent boats, ships, and other naval vessels from colliding against each other or against docks, wharves, and piers are called Marine Fenders. In other words, a fender is a bumper used to absorb the kinetic energy of the boat, or vessels berthing against quaky wall or other vessels.

There are multiple types of marine fenders that comply with international standards. However, when it comes to choosing the best fenders, there are certain characteristic features that should be kept in mind. Understanding these characteristics make it easy to identify high quality fenders.

Safety: A high quality marine fender is made up of several layers of protection. In most of the manufacturing procedures, strong tire cords or nylon fabrics are used, as they reduces the risk of breaking, cracking or being cut down under high amounts of pressure. Hence, always consider those fenders that are made of these elements, for they are most reliable when compared to other fenders.

Reaction Force: Softer reaction force is essential for ships to station themselves and securing against the other ship or port. Quality fenders that are made up of stronger materials like tire cords that prevent shearing while managing both external compression forces and internal air pressure. This helps in maintaining the position of ships during tide change, for huge amount of strain is exerted during a tide change.

Performance: Over time, low quality marine fenders get bend, compress, and deteriorate, due to constant fatigue and exposure to different harmful elements. However, a quality marine fender offers excellent compressive elasticity of both the manufacturing materials and air, and thus provides long term quality performance.

Costs: Various factors like installation, maintenance, and shipping are crucial when it comes to determining the cost of fenders. Fender solutions which are packed and shipped in a vacuumed and folded down state are generally of high quality. This reduces the shipping costs substantially. Moreover, the more durable fenders require less maintenance and hence reduce cost on maintenance.

It is advised that before making the final deal, one should consider the above mentioned factors in order to get high quality fenders.

Marine fenders are such accessories without which boat or ship owners can’t do anything. Getting high quality marine fenders is one of the most useful investments for a marine company or ship owners.