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How to Choose Landscape Gravel


Landscaping can not only make your space beautiful, it can also help you conserve water and give you more functional space for living. For instance, you can hold gatherings outside more effectively if you have seating incorporated into your landscaping plan. You can design many different layouts with paths and plants to best fit your needs and aesthetic sense; and, a good way to start is with landscaping rocks of different types. You can even use different kinds of rocks to pave paths and to outline garden spaces. When you are looking for landscape gravel in Los Angeles there are several things that you will want to take into consideration such as materials, size, and color.


Not all gravel is made from the same material, this gives it a range of sizes and colors as well as some durability and price differences. The more local the material is to where your landscaping project is, the less it is likely to cost. Some of the more common landscaping gravel materials include decomposed granite, lava rock, and various decorative rocks. Some of the different materials will have specific maintenance concerns, such as weeding and keeping the gravel where you want it to stay. Some of these concerns have more to do with the size of the stones than with anything else, but there are other worries as well. For instance, lava rocks will generally have sharper edges and sides than other types of landscaping gravel.


The size of landscape gravel in Los Angeles can range from the almost sand-like texture of decomposed granite to large pebbles. While most of the time you would think that the size is purely an aesthetic choice, there are some other considerations. For instance, if you choose to go with decomposed granite you will be more likely to track it into your home than with large pebbles. Each size will have considerations such as weeding, straying outside of designated areas, and texture. Generally speaking, the smaller the gravel size, the easier it is to create a level path and the harder it is to keep the spaces delineated.


You may be familiar with gray toned landscape gravel, but did you also know that you can find browns, blacks, and reds? You can even mix a number of different decorative rock types to make your outdoor space into a retreat with paths and gardens separated by color and gravel size.Choosing a color will largely be an aesthetic decision, though if you are determined on using specific materials and sizes then your colors will be more limited. For instance, lava rock is generally only red and black.

When you are planning your next project with landscape gravel you will want to take into account many different factors such as the materials, size, and color of your gravel. Each option will have unique benefits as well as some maintenance considerations that you will want to look at. By mixing and matching the different gravel types for your specific project can give you the ability to use color and texture in your outdoor space just as you would for an indoor one.

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How to Choose Landscape Gravel
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