How To Choose Shoes To Match Fashion Stockings

When wearing fashion stockings, some overlook their shoes. Footwear is essential in order to complete any stylish look. This is why it is important to know which shoes to wear with stockings.

While almost any kind can be worn, some may not look as good. For example, sneakers are not commonly found worn with a stocking. Knowing which is appropriate to wear with what is essential for women.

Find Pumps To Wear With Fashion Stockings

Pumps are frequently worn to work, especially in an office. Many wear a type of hose in order to keep the feet and legs covered. They are also sometimes worn with more trendy stockings fashion.

When wearing pumps, many opt for work friendly colors, such as nudes. Nudes are typically skin tones, such as tan and beige or brown. These are close to skin tone, and do not stand out too much.

Lighter colors, such as cream or eggshell, may also be worn to work. Many women limit this to seasonal options, such as spring or winter. They may likewise pair their pump colors to match the stocking.

Slip On Sandals Or Heels With Any Fashion Stocking

Fashion stockings are most often worn with sandals or high heels. Many women have a preference between the two, depending on the occasion. Some feel that high heels are always the better choice, no matter what.

In many cases, the determining factor is what the occasion is. More formal occasions, or for a dressed up look, heels are the best. These options for these are typically closed or open toed heels.

Closed heels are a better choice as they hide the toe seam. The toe seem is important to hide as it is often very visible. However, if the stocking does not have a seam, open toes can be worn.

Open toe options are often seen during the summer months. They are typically cooler than closed toes, which is important. They allow feet to breathe, and can help prevent sweating or overheating.

Wearing sandals with a stocking fashion takes a bit more planning. A basic pair of flip flops should never be worn with a stocking. Basic slide on sandals should also not be worn as they are too casual.

When wearing sandals, dressier versions should be worn instead. These may include espadrilles or other lace up platform designs. These are a popular choice for most summer and spring months.

Buckle and lace sandals are also often used for footwear. Some may be similar to boots, but have an open front design. These are popular for night and evening wear, such as party shoes.

Pick A Kicky Pair Of Boots For Fashioned Stockings

A great pair of boots is any woman’s best friend when it comes to style. A fashionable and trendy pair can be worn with any fashioned stockings. This includes classic seam designs, or graphic and textured patterns.

Some may prefer to go with taller designs, such as knee high boots. Thigh high boots are another good choice, depending on the outfit. Both allow a teasing peek at the stocking design under the boots.

Short ankle boots may also be worn to show off the legs. These are often paired with a longer skirt or with cropped pants. The reason for this is that they allow more of the fashion stockings to show.