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How to choose the best design for your loved ones gravestone?


Headstone memorials are a lasting tribute to a loved one. They send off those who’ve lived long lives with dignity and they strike remorse for those whose lives were cut off too short. But how does one decide how to choose the very best designs for your loved ones gravestones? There are many ways you can go and they all should be considered hopefully before they are even needed.

Creative Design: If you are left alone in deciding how to choose the best design you may wish to think up something creatively. The limits of what you can place upon gravestone memorials are only limited by the piece of stone they are design upon. Get as creative as you’d like and work with a partner who has the ability to realize your vision.


Artwork: Is there some type of artwork which would be pleasing for the memorial headstones? If you can find a monumental mason who can create the artwork you see or actual physical pictures that you can point to, there is no reason why a skilled artisan shouldn’t be able to translate this.
Hobbies: Did the deceased have any hobbies or interests which stayed with them? Hobbies or activities which galvanized their life are often a very fine way to honor someone who has passed. Visitors to the gravestone will also be pleased to be reminded of something that the deceased enjoyed while they were still living.


Symbols: If the deceased was a particularly spiritual person then perhaps some type of symbol or other spiritual object would be a good idea for their headstone. Perhaps the Star of David, a holy cross, a bible, or an image of the crucifix are all fine ways to honor and symbolize the life of the deceased.

Age Appropriate: If there was a child whose life was cut too short, it can be heartbreaking. One nice way to honor a child is to place them in a headstone memorial clad with something which embodies youth and innocence. Images of balloons, teddy bears, hearts, bottles, or rattles are all fine ways to let visitors and the world know that this life was one which was robbed quite literally from the cradle.


Icon: If none of these really strike you as appropriate for the deceased their memorial headstone can often be something as simple as a heart, a teardrop, or cascading rays of sunshine. Whatever it may be that really encapsulates the life of the deceased, this is what you want your memorial headstone to translate.

Text: The deceased may have been quite the bookworm in their lives. Living a life lost in the words of famous authors is how many of us escape the drudgery sometimes of life. If there was a favorite quote from Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Longfellow, Steinbeck or others, these are all great masters of language. If the deceased were a fan of music or the stage maybe lyrics from a favorite song or Broadway musical might be more appropriate. Whatever it was which moved them in life should follow them to eternity.


Whatever you decide when you’re fashioning how to commemorate a life with a memorial headstone, it’s not a choice which should be taken lightly. If you need to work with a headstone mason or gravestone memorial artisan who has your interests and feelings front and center you may wish to speak with David M Gibson. Stonemason, letter carver, memorial artist, and calligrapher, Mr. Gibson is able to wield a skilled hand and deliver a truly memorable finished product. A product which will honor, commemorate, and celebrate the deceased.

How to choose the best design for your loved ones gravestone?
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