How to choose the best games for the Nintendo Wii

When you put a Nintendo Wii and a Microsoft Xbox 360 side by side it soon becomes clear that the Nintendo Wii is the least powerful of the two gaming consoles. The graphics aren’t as good, the sound isn’t as good and it lacks the realism of the Xbox 360. Even though the Wii is not as powerful as the Xbox 360 it is still worth buying and millions of happy Wii players seem to agree with me. The Nintendo Wii is the ultimate gaming machine currently available.

The amount of games for the Nintendo is is vast and there are hundreds of different titles across all gaming genres. It doesn’t matter whether you want a sports game, a fitness game, a puzzle game, a retro game, a shoot em up game, a driving game, a family friendly game or any other type of game, you will find a Wii title that is suitable. Arguably, the best games for the Nintendo Wii are ‘family’ games. Family games are those that are designed to bring groups of people together for a session of fun, entertainment, banter and some friendly rivalry. Family games are those that that the whole family can enjoy, from your five year old niece right through to your ninety five year old grandfather, and everyone in between. Family games are simple and require little practice to be able to play them, and everyone should have an equal chance of winning regardless of whether they are regular computer game players or not. ‘The best family games for the Wii ever’ is an article that explores the best family games for the Wii currently available, so if you are planning on having a family party in the near future and want to know what games are worth buying you need to take a look at this piece, as it describes not only the game but also gives video footage of the actual game play you can expect.

Do you ever walk in to a computer game shop and get overwhelmed by the sheer number of games available? Do you ever aimlessly walk down the aisles not knowing where to start? With so many titles available for the Nintendo Wii it can be difficult to know what is worth playing and what is not, after all you don’t want to go and waste your hard earned money on a ‘dud’ game do you. Fortunately, there is something you can do to ensure you don’t end up with a game that is going to be useless. The internet is a fantastic tool and there are loads of different computer game review sites and forums you can visit to see what games other game players enjoy.

Do a bit of searching on the net and you will find reviews on all the top titles. When you read reviews you do need to take what you read with a pinch of salt as there are loads of rubbish reviews out there. Similarly, there are many good reviews that are honest and unbiased. You have to remember that nothing is perfect, and this applies to Wii games, so the best reviews are those that give both the positives and negatives of the game. Once you have researched potential games to buy note them down and then hire them. There are loads of places you can hire computer games, giving you the chance to “try before you buy” which could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. There is a second hand Wii game market but you will never recover your initial spend so hiring a game before you buy it makes financial sense.

So, when looking for some good Wii games the advice is to get on the internet and read some reviews and then hire the game and play it for a few hours to see if it is one you want to buy before spending your hard earned money.