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How to Choose the Best International School

Some investigations show that children who attend the best international school Singapore do better in school, get higher paying, and are less likely to do drugs or commit crimes than children who don’t attend. A good international school plays a large role in later academic success. Hence, choosing the best international school for your child can be more complicated than ever.

So many things go into finding the www.cis.edu.sgbest international school Singapore. However, contrary to what you might have heard, choosing the best international school for your child is not as difficult as applying for an advanced degree. So, you can relax. The key to choose the best international school is getting the process prepared. Right, be prepared with a solid idea of what you want your child to gain from primary school experience.

I would like to give some tips following, and hope they will help you to plan better.

Plan Early
You need to start contacting different Singapore international schools of your choice before you decide whether it’s time for your children to start. Do remember, enrollment periods for these schools are many months in advance. You may end up in the waiting list if you missed the enrollment periods.

Define your requirements
What you want your children to achieve in school – learning the ABCs, reading and writing early, or simply just want him/her to gain more social independence? What type of program or curriculum that you are looking for? Besides the curriculum, you also need to examine the costs, locations and reviews on the preschool by talking to your friends, neighbors or simply check from the internet or forums.

Start your search and visit the preschool on your own
First of all, call the school to inform them about your visit. Bring your child along during class time if possible. See how your child reacts during the visit and what his/her impression of the school is. Talk to the teacher or principal to understand the school curriculum. After the visit, do remember to ask your child if he/she likes the school, the classroom, the teachers or the children in the school. Their feedback is the most important.

Weigh all the options and make your final decision
This is the most important step. Think about the all the factors that you are concerned. For example, curriculum, costs, school hours, logistics issues (sending your child to and from school), location, the food provided by the preschool, teacher-to-student ratio, environment issues(whether it is air-conditioned) etc.

Make your registration with the best international school Singapore that you’ve decided. You are required to pay a deposit during the registration. Most of the time, the deposit is refundable but please check on the terms and conditions.
Once you have registered your child, you can start to gradually prepare him/her for the first day of school. Finally, be proud and confident with your choice.

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