How to Choose the Culture Theme in A Water Theme Park

China has thousands of years history with various of beautiful fairy tales. And there are different kinds of culture themes in foreign countries, however, you needn’t choose it from home or board, you even can make up a new one. Such as Disney Land,Fantawild Adventure. Whatever theme, it must obey certain rules. The suggestions are as follows:

1. Never choose the culture theme that surrounding tourists of projects location generally know. It is meaningful to integrate the local culture, however, it lacks some feeling of freshness for surrounding tourists and the freshness will disappear quickly. So it needs some regional differences. Unless you want to do is mainly tourists market that is another matter.

2. The connotation of theme should reflect social positive energy. The simple truth is that no parents want to take their children to experience or accept the poor culture, such as pornography, heresy.

3. You should fully understand culture taboo of the project. For example, ethnic minorities are more sensitive about the animal. Thus, we should try to avoid it. Besides, some companies invite foreign design team, and they may not understand consumption psychology of Chinese tourists. So it is not suitable to move foreign ideas to China. For instance, sexual culture theme is popular in some open countries, but it will not accept by a lot of Chinese tourists.

4. The selected theme cannot be too generic. The more contents, the more difficult to focus on. Thus it leaves little impact on tourists.

5. As far as possible not choose repeated theme with other theme parks. Not be the only, but at least in a large area is unique. Such as in  southern part of China, northeast of China. Once the theme establishes, deeply dig the connotation of theme culture, but also can not only express by names and words. Some water park and Fairmont Hot Springs choose a good theme, however they just name after by an item or water amusement equipment, even express by the text panel. This is not enough. Tourists are playing a lot when they come to the water park. They pay little attention on your long-winded intros. So you should show the culture in a vivid way. For example, mix shape, sculpture, painting, and small landscape with water park equipment. It is not only being seen by tourists easily, but also forms an integral part of the atmosphere.