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How to Choose the Perfect Light Bulb for Your Lighting

With a range of options that seem endless, you may feel like you will never find the ideal light bulb. That is why you need a good guide to help you sort through the masses. Look at anything and everything that pertains to light bulbs, such as rebates, warranties and energy-saving labels. Not everyone has the same type of fixture that holds the same type of bulb. You must review your options and make the best selection for your household.

How to Choose a Light Bulb with the Right Fitting

Every light bulb has a proper fitting that affects how it is screwed into the fixture. These fittings consist of caps and bases. There are many different types available to provide the connection between the lamp and the electrical outlet. The bayonet cap is the most commonly used fitting that is 22 millimeters in diameter. The small version size is 15mm and used for small, low voltage lamps.
The Edison screw cap is named after Thomas Edison and made in a variety of sizes. The most common fitting of 27mm is known as the ES or E27. The E14 or SES screw is 14 mm in diameter and applicable for small bulbs in decorative lamps and chandeliers. In some cases, the MES fixture is 10 mm and regularly used in large chandeliers.

Choose the Right Bulb for Your Lighting Needs

Based on your lighting requirements, choose the ideal bulb for you. Not every bulb is made for every type of homeowner. Look over several important considerations to help you make the best selection.


First, consider the brightness of the bulb that is indicated by the number of lumens. It used to be that everyone used watts to measure the energy and brightness levels of incandescent bulbs. Since LED lights have been invented, people have made use of both watts and lumens.

Color quality

In addition to bulb brightness, check the quality of the color. You need the Kelvin scale to make this analysis. Few homeowners want to go home and turn on lights that appear in cold, bluish colors. People use the Kelvin scale to measure the light color and temperature. These details are usually included on the product package.

There are different varieties of color light. You will find that the light looks different at sunrises, during early afternoons and inside of fireplaces. Every color has a different effect on a person’s mood, which is a fact proven by many psychologists.


Once you determine the color and brightness level you want, choose the bulb shape and fitting next. Every shape has a unique look, and no one is better than all the others. There is no longer the average round dome look that is typical with old, incandescent bulbs.

Choose the right shape if you want to control the angle of lighting in a room. The globe bulb spreads light at a 360 angle, while a narrower bulb spreads light at a smaller angle like a spotlight. Small bulbs like those used in chandeliers are made for ambient lighting.

Along with the right light bulb, you need the right ballast, too. An LED emergency ballast protects the value and integrity of your compatible LED light. Prevent excessive amounts of electricity from rushing into your lighting system and causing burnouts. Add an emergency ballast to your deice in case you need light to run during a blackout. Find ballast that fits your building safety codes for emergency lighting.


You will read a countless number of times that certain light bulbs last longer than others. No one bulb is made equal and lasts forever. Poorly designed ones last for only a few months before disintegrating. At seven hours of daily usage, LED bulbs last for at least a couple of decades. Some bulbs last for as long as you do.

Over many years, expect to make very few replacements when you use LED lights. It is ideal to install the bulb in the proper fixture for the maximum life expectancy. The shortest-lasting lights are incandescent bulbs followed by fluorescent ones, while LED bulbs have the greatest life expectancies of all the lights.


Know much mercury and toxic content lies within a light bulb. In fluorescent bulbs, the mercury content is enough to make you take special disposal precautions. You are forced to get rid of the bulb in a special recycling bin. If the bulb is thrown away in the trash, it breaks and releases harmful particles into the environment. There is even a specific cleanup procedure for a broken light bulb. It is important to review the toxic content of every lighting product before you invest in bulk.

Know if your light bulb is usable in a hazardous area where explosions could occur. Incandescent bulbs heat up so much that the surfaces become hard to touch. So, you are encouraged not to place them near curtains or flammable items. Even if nothing has caught fire, there is no telling if or when a fire could occur. Also, any exposed part of the bulb could lead to an ignition of flames. An enclosed light fixture is necessary to keep it working properly. LED lights are the safest ones to use in practically any setting, while incandescent ones are the least safe.

Take the right steps to make the right purchase

Now that you are more informed about different lighting features, such as the color, shape and brightness, be able to find the ideal one. Many of the details you need are found on the front or back cover of the product package. You cannot only rely on the label to offer information. You must research the significant advantages and disadvantages of common bulbs like LED, fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lights. There are many different customer reviews that tell you which lights are reliable or affordable, and which ones are not. The most efficient bulbs light up immediately, fade only after several years and provide constant streams of bright light. Know the facts before you invest in new lights for your home or office.

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