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How to choose the right decking for the pool?

Not only are swimming pools fantastic for family fun and fitness, but adding one to your home can increase the value, the ambiance and your enjoyment of your home.


Of course, the above is only true if the entire area in which the pool sits is planned and designed properly. Without a proper surrounding area, your pool is merely a nicely shaped hole filled with water: it is through the addition of the surround that it becomes something to behold and be proud of.

Therefore, as you consider your pool, you should give the same consideration to the pool decking.

  • Materials

Just as you can choose from thousands of pool designs, shapes, sizes and materials, decking also comes in a variety of materials. Each of these says something different and will give a vastly different feeling to the pool area.

Texture will prevent the area from being too slippery but a material such as metal will heat up quickly in hot temperatures so it’s important to consider what the properties of the material you’re selecting will do for the area they’re being placed in.

As you consider materials, it’s also wise to consider the weather conditions in your area. An area with hot temperatures throughout the year will benefit from different materials than one with fluctuations in temperature. In addition, rainfall and other weather conditions should be taken into consideration.

  • Budget

As with any aspect of your pool, your decking design and material used will be affected by the budget you have. Your pool designer can ensure that you get the best value for money because his expertise and contacts will allow him access to discounts and buying power you simply might not have.

  • Usage

The size and design of your decking area will define it. If, for example, you’re planning on putting a host of chairs and loungers around your pool, you’ll need a different design than if you wanted to add plants and foliage.

  • Maintenance

The material and design you choose for the decking area of your pool will also be dependent upon the amount of time you have to maintain them. Whilst it’s all very well and good to install a material which requires pressure washing on a weekly basis, if you don’t have the time to dedicate to such a rigorous cleaning schedule, the area will soon appear unkempt and unclean.

  • Safety

In addition to selecting a material and design which is aesthetically pleasing, it’s also important to consider safety when designing and choosing your materials. If you have children or animals, your requirements will be different than if just adults were likely to be present. In addition, some surfaces may become slippery when wet so this should also be a factor in your decision.

Author Bio:

The author has a keen interest in swimming pools. His articles on the subject inform readers about all aspects of pool care and what to consider when it comes to choosing pool decking.

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