How To Clean A Vinyl Banner

There’s nothing better than a nice, clean banner. Let’s face it—if you saw a dirty one and you were a customer, would you really want to head over to that shop? The answer will be, nine times out of ten, no. Why would you want to go to the shop that has a dirty sign? Sure, they could be busy scrubbing the inside…but that’s not how we think. Naturally, we’re going to think that the whole shop is dirty. Which is, again, another reason why you should have clean banners. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know how to clean banners…

For Mild Cleaning

For vinyl banners that are just a little dusty, clean up is simple. All that you have to do is take a soft cloth and wipe it down to remove any dust. You can use a little bit of soap and water, but make sure it’s about warm temperature or cooler. There’s no reason to risk damaging your banner with hot water. Next, gently wipe down with a clean towel. You’re done. Make sure it’s completely dry before you put it up and there shouldn’t be any problems! (Plus, sitting water + vinyl surface= mold fest. Make sure it’s dry.)

For Major Cleaning

However, if you haven’t seen a clean banner in your shop since the Civil War and you’re pretty sure that you could change your skin tone using all of the dust on it, then there’s another alternative way to clean your banner. You will need a soft, SOFT sponge—not the kind you would use for dishes. You want something that you would use on your own skin. You will also need a mild soap, a water hose, and a little bit of patience. First, hose down your banner using medium-low pressure, then scrub GENTLY (you don’t want to scratch the banner. If you do, it could trap in more dirt later on). Rinse, go in for round two, again being mindful not to scratch the banner. Clean banners do take a bit of works—but of all the things to clean, banner signs aren’t half bad.


For clean banners, you should keep them wiped down at least once a week if they’re used outside and once a month if they’re used inside. Major cleaning should only occur if you have banners that are really, really dirty. If they just need a wiping down, don’t overdo it. Banner signs aren’t easily damaged—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. Keep these tips in mind as you clean.