How To Clean Eye Shadow? – Effective Ways That Will Help You Save Time


Being pretty while being pretty busy – with time not at your side, there are quick ways on how to clean eye shadow?


How to clean your eye shadow and its effectiveness depends on perfect handworks and techniques even if when you are in a hurry. Sometimes when you’re in a hurry with your eye makeup, things end up needing a makeover. Avoid anything that is ugly with some stain removal techniques that are useful.

Why is it important?

Eye shadow is used to improve the appearance of the eyes back to ancient history, with the Egyptians using eye shadow in burials around 10,000 BC eye shadows used by women in most cultures, because the average distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes are more women than men. Eye shadows are not ordinary oil-based, as opposed to lipstick, which can be oil based. That means eye shadow to remove stains from fabrics using household products. Eye shadow is used to improve the appearance of the eyes from ancient history, the Egyptians used eye shadows funeral, about 10,000 BC to use the eye shadows, women in many cultures, because the average distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes are higher in women than in men. Eyebrows do not usually oil-based products, as opposed to lipstick, which can be oil based. This means that the shadow stains can be cleaned with cloth products for the home. Eye brushes, makeup brushes, like others, can be an expensive part of your beauty kit. Quality brushes usually goat or sable horse and is specifically designed to give you the freedom to apply eye shadow on the exact look you are trying to achieve. While a so large eye shadow brush can be of better quality material, it is important to clean your eye shadow brush regularly to keep well and make them last. Eye brushes quickly become contaminated with residues of dirt, oil and makeup especially if used on a daily basis. These brushes are dirty ideal breeding and nesting ground for bacteria that can cause redness and irritation if they come into the eye. Thus, the eye shadow brushes should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week to avoid contaminating the delicate eye area.

How to effectively clean it

The first step in removing makeup stains is to identify the contaminated material.
Such non-washable acetate fibres, Carpet / Synthetic, Carpet / Wool, fibreglass, rayon, silk or wool triacetate; Washable fibres, including acrylic fabric, cotton, linen, modacrylic, nylon, polyester, olefin, or spandex; Hard surfaces such as acrylic plastic, alabaster, asphalt, bamboo, cane, ceramics, glass / Tile, Cork enamel, glass, gold, ivory, jade, linoleum, marble, paint / gloss flat paint /, Plexiglas of polyurethane, stainless steel, clothing, vinyl tiles or vinyl wall; Stone surfaces, such as Bluestone, Limestone, Masonry Tile, Sandstone, slate, or Terrace; Leather and suede.

But, a simpler way is: Pour about 2 tablespoons of the eye makeup remover in a small bowl. Try Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. Then dip eye shadow brush the dirt in the bowl containing eye makeup remover. Then swirl around the solution for several seconds. Next, massage gently with your fingers to rub the eye shadow brushes the dirt and oil. To do this dive or RUB method is about three times to get completely clean brushes. Hold the brush with cold water for 5-10 seconds. Squeeze out excess moisture with a paper towel. And last, place the brushes on a clean paper towel and let air dry.

You can try the alcohol or cleansing swipes as an option. You need some alcohol swabs or wipes, or probably all that is disinfected and dried quickly. With the end of a powder brush, brush the final cover with a damp cloth (to clean) and tap water to clean your eye shadow. You can also use the flat side of a brush to clean the shadows too. The result? – A dirty towel, but a shadow! You can use a baby shampoo. This ‘no tears’ baby shampoo is a good way to remove mascara (waterproof included!), Eye shadow and eyeliner. The first step is to wet the eye with tap water. Take some baby shampoo lather and massage on face, close your eyes when you do, if that. Then wash the foam in the face with warm water to remove dirt and even oil on your face. Well, if you (baby) shampoo does not work, you can simply buy a cheap brand like Nivea cleanser that could. Put make-up cotton pad removal, and then hold the cotton ball over your eyes for a few seconds then wipe off the makeup. It removes make-up almost effortlessly. Now, if you have sensitive skin excellent, and even a baby shampoo or a (cheap) makeup remover does not work for you, invest in a worthy make-up remover is recommended. Expensive? – Yes, but if used wisely – it will last and work well for you. But if you’re not comfortable with the baby shampoo for your sensitive eyes, you can use baby wipes instead. Although it’s a bum, these wipes are gentle enough to remove makeup without clogging pores. How do you clean the eye shadow in this case? The same as what is the child’s sensitive skin. Just close your eyes and massage and lash down a bit ‘. If you do not want to push these fluids in your eyes, Vaseline is useful. You can take anything you put your make-up. Only a small amount of cotton swab, and here we go! Instant light eyes!

Olive oil is an effective alternative, but in small quantities. Just dab on a cloth or cotton wool, is a small amount of fine and wipe gently over your eyelids. Immediately, the eye makeup disappears. But when the worst happens, unscented lotion with just a small drop at the upper end or part of the lashes, taking care not to touch your eyes, and rub it on your eyelids.


Whether on a mat, the face or even in the brush – cleaning eye shadows is great effort. Cheap, easily at home, clean, or expensive (such as cleaners, cosmetics) to clean the colour of your face or out of belt elements are easy to use for cleaning. But no matter what you use, unless you have your own way on how to clean eye shadow when needed.