How to Clean Eye Shadow Make Up

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I wish I knew how to clean eye shadow when I was younger. In fact, I was at my sister-in-law’s house a few weeks ago and her daughter who is 10 came home with this thick eye shadow on because she was decorated up for the big football game at her school. She had gone with some friends and they had put crazy make up on each other. My poor niece was scrubbing and scrubbing her eyelids with a rough wash cloth and soap. Eyelids are delicate things that shouldn’t bear so much damage. She said she was allergic to most make up also, and that made things even worse. I could see her eyes turning red in just the few moments I had been talking with her. I told her how to clean eye shadow, the easiest and safest way for your eyes, I found was Vaseline. Dip your fingers in Vaseline and rub it on your eyes, wherever make up is. Take a soft damp cloth and gently wipe it off. Make up just can’t stand up to good old Vaseline.

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This information I imparted on my young niece was something I had learned in my teen years when I was experimenting with make up and dying my hair every color of the rainbow. That was the age of being gothic and then grunge, trying out for a jock sport while, at lunch time, smoking behind the sheds at school. Trying new things and finding one’s self is so very important at this time. And I’m glad I went through it so that I could learn who I am, and that’s what all girls and boys are doing in their teen years, just trying to find themselves. So I wonder, why cover up who they are with make up in the first place? No one is more beautiful then when they are a blank slate, a pure face, and clean. I tend to see make up as something that dirties the skin and clogs the pores, no matter how much the beauty company says it isn’t. Beauty product companies are generally out to make money. Not to beautify your skin. I know women who are seriously addicted to make up. Can’t walk to the grocery or walk outside to fetch the mail without spending over a half an hour fixing their make up, or “putting on their face”. Women are convinced they are unsightly without it and need it to be themselves.

But I understand, we all need to indulge in something that help us feel good about ourselves. Some people exercise, others buy extravagantly fancy clothes, or perhaps shoes. Everyone has something they do to feel good about themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s nice to realize beauty is on the inside and not what you paint on the outside. Try going make up free for a couple weeks, long enough for other people to get used to it. See how you feel, and how much time you save. Perhaps you could use that extra time to dabble in something you’ve wanted to try, such as styling a new hairdo, or maybe even writing poetry!

The next time you ask yourself how to clean eye shadow, think about how your eyes would feel if you never put it on in the first place. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, outside and inside. To each her, or his, own. Yet, I always like to challenge people to change their ways and step outside of their comfort zone. It seems this is when we learn something new about ourselves.

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