How to Clean Eye Shadow?

How to Clean Eye Shadow Using Makeup Remover Alternatives?

How to clean eye shadow the right way? What other products aside from makeup removers can you use? It is a general rule for women to remove all sorts of make-up before sleeping. Although make-up like eye shadows has become a day to day necessity, makeup can cause skin aging and irritations if left overnight. Thus it is always included in every skin care regimen to clean and remove all sorts of makeup especially eye shadow. This is primarily because it can cause eye irritations or even sore eyes.

As you know makeup is just an accessory for almost all women. But, in reality what matters most is your younger looking skin and health. You may assume that makeup removers are the best products available today. But, there are other products one can use as alternatives.

Baby shampoo

You might not know it yet but “no tear” baby shampoos are perfect products for cleaning your eye especially if you’re wearing makeup like mascara, eye liners and eye shadows. It is gentle to your face. Since it is “no tear”, eye irritation is not a major issue. The best thing about this product is that its cost-effective value compared to commercialized makeup removers. How to clean eye shadow the right way using baby shampoo?

The first thing you need to do is to wet your eyes with tap water. Next is to apply a minimal amount of shampoo. Massage your eye area until lather is formed. And lastly rinse or wash your face with lukewarm water.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are not created for sole purpose of wiping baby butts. This can also be used for adult cleansing practices especially when you’re outdoors. Due to the current air pollution experienced today, cleansing your face during lunch breaks is essential. In doing this you can opt for baby wipes to easily remove eye makeup.

To use baby wipes as eye shadow removers you can simply wipe your eyes with it. Just be carefully not to press too much on your eyes. Furthermore it is strongly advised not to use alcohol-based wipes for your eyes as this may cause severe irritation.
Petroleum Jelly

Another popularly used makeup remover alternative is petroleum jelly. It can be easily used to remove all sorts or eye makeup including eye shadows. Aside from that there are numerous uses of this product. For example you may also use it as a lip moisturizer. Since it is cheap, portable and multi-functional it is without a doubt that carrying one small jar in your purse or pocket may come in handy in your day to day activities. In using this product to cleaning or removing eye shadow, just apply minimal amount in your eyes using clean cotton swab and it’s done.


In terms of eye makeup removers, there are numerous products you can use as alternatives. Olive oil is another alternative you can also use.

There are numerous complaints about commercialized makeup removers as being pricey. But, this is not a justifiable reason to neglect caring for your skin and eyes by not removing makeup. Always make it a habit to include those easy steps mentioned above on how to clean eye shadow using makeup remover alternatives in your day to day skin care regimen.